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Included in CivisRomanus Unofficial Fallout 3 Fixes.

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Requires main game and Anchorage DLC.
Mod version 1.1
Included in CivisRomanus Unofficial Fallout 3 Fixes.
Some players (myself included) got stuck into the Outcast Outpost elevator when they tried getting into the base.
It happens the next time you try entering into the base - if you want to further loot the base after finishing the simulation, have a cigar with McGraw, steal the Olin's Robe (unique item) or admire the Sibley's corpse.
The elevator will not go down, no matter what you do - push the button again, fire your guns, start singing, dancing or praying etc.
Technical detail:
The culprit for not properly working is the variable "state" in DLC02ElevatorSCRIPT which - by unknown mysterious reasons - is not set to 0 (properly) when you leave the Outcast Outpost.
The variable "specifies" the position of the elevator (0 = not running, at top, 1 = going down, 2 = not running, at bottom, 3 = going UP).
Setting it to 0 before "DLC02VSStoBaileys.activate player" line in the same script (as UOP did) didn't help too much; some players use Teleporter mods or console cheats inside the base when they get over-encumbered and the variable is not properly reset.

This fix fixes that.
It will work in any condition.
New in version 1.1
1. Works in both cases (see screenshots), without a hitch.
2. Fix for 2 identical switches (inside elevator, on top of each other) which use the same activator, running the same script which (again!) messes the things up.

If you are stuck inside the elevator (before installing this fix) use console command "player.moveto 0100099f" (no quotation marks) save your game, install the fix and push the sweet button again. Rapture guaranteed. You won't get stuck anymore for the rest of your virtual life.

Brought back the little animation when you push the button.
Fix for switch animation when elevator is going up (version 1.1).
Happy VSS combat.


Inspired by:
Celestial mechanics.
Anchorage Blue Sky.

Many thanks to:
Nexus - for allowing us pushing buttons when we have nothing better to do.