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This simple mod makes the Punga Power perk a lot more useful and makes it worthwhile to actually carry some around, or eat them on the go as you find them in Point Lookout.

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''Behold the power of the Punga! The restorative effects of the Punga fruit have a greater effect on you!''
- Ingame description

Ladies and gentlemen, I present the one and only Punga Power Plus mod for all your punga needs. This is a one of a kind mod, no other mod will fulfill your punga needs like this one does! Bethesda simply did not do enough to satisfy our punga cravings, but worry no longer, because this mod finally gives punga the power you'd expect from the ingame description!

[What the mod does]
In vanilla Fallout, punga power makes punga fruits remove more radiation and nothing else. That's nice, but that's what RadAway is for. This mod doubles the health restored of both wild and refined punga, and both pungas will also increase your damage by 10% for 90 seconds. Now "Punga Power" actually lives up to its name. It's also sanitizer compatible, which make them heal even more.

[Closing notes]
Suggestions go in the comments, if you want I can also make a version that makes punga increase AP or DR, whatever you want really.

If you need more mods that satisfy your punga needs, I can recommend "My Punga Fruit Garden" by BigMill. Unfortunately it's the only other mod focused on the great Punga fruit.