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This is a super "uh-mursive" mod that makes animals and creatures behave in an immersive and realistic manner. This is a great mod for anyone playing FWE or for anyone that likes immersion mods.

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Are you tired of critters charging at you from fifty f****** miles away? Tired off having to splatter their brains all over the wasteland? Well, then this mod is for you!

The Changes

Dogs - Dogs will now behave in a proper manner. Just because it's been 200 years after nuclear annihilation doesn't mean animals have lost natural instinct. Dogs in SRCB are much less aggressive, and will only attack if you are treading on what they deem their turf. In short, they won't charge at you from fifty miles away and attempt to murder you.

Molerats - These loud little critters will not attempt to murder a h u m a n in full T-51B power armor. They are now neutral. You can murder them for fun or sport if you want though :)

Mirelurks - Out of all the wasteland creatures, I hate mirelurks the most. These assholes charge at you from one-hundred and one miles away to rip your damn head off. Well, in SRCB mirelurks are highly territorial. They will fucking murder you if you get close to them, but they won't bother you if you're a ways away.

Yao Gui (Did I even spell that right?) - These nasty buggers are bears. Presumably descended from black bears. Black bears are always close to civilization in real life, resulting in them being territorial and not very agressive. Yao Gui have been represented in this way, they will make you have a bad day if you get to close though.

Feral Ghouls (Yeah I changed ghouls, too!) - These disgusting feral bastards have some form of hierarchy and intelligence, hence why they stay in packs. In SRCB they are territorial, they will scream at you if you get too close, and charge your ass if you walk up to say hi to them. In short, don't disturb their daily radiation baths!

Bloatflies (The F******!) - I hate bloatflies everyone that does not use V.A.T.S does. Well they are now extremely cowardly and will only attack if you are close to them.

Update 1.1 - makes radroaches passive.

So how are these changes "realistic" or "uh-mursive"?

Well, I'm not a scientist. But I know enough about animal behaviors to know that even in the apocalypse they would not try to murder you from fifty miles away. The animals in Fallout have plenty of small game to feed off, not to mention rotting corpses. Another thing is that animals in the Capitol Wasteland would be less aggressive towards people as almost every wastelander and scavenger is armed, not to mention several heavily armed groups patrol the Capitol Wastes, which would severely decrease animal population and cause them to fear humans. And ghouls? Well, they clearly have some intelligence as they travel in packs and radiate off glowing ones (I'd assume they consider a glowing one to be a sort of leader or alpha) and they also use some cunning when attacking in packs. That being said, ghouls aren't very tough, and could easily just feed off of corpses and other creatures when hungry, so I just don't see a reason for them to charge armed individuals, as some in their pack would die.

Compatibility - Not compatible with mmm, a patch will be made do to the popularity of MMM, however. Should be compatible with animal companion mods though. Mod does not edit deathclaws or supermutants. Works great with FWE!

Video and new update coming soon, stay tuned, people!