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A port of the minigun (Alice Grinder) from eomanv's New Vegas mod "AEVegas Vol5 Gatling Alice". Replaces all miniguns in the game.

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Thanks for Hot Files everyone!
I want to use this opportunity to tell everyone who enjoys this mod to give eomanv's "AEVegas Vol5 Gatling Alice" for New Vegas a try as well! As the creator of the models, he deserves much praise.

UPDATE 1.13: Reverted the Alice Grinder Sounds file to it's original state. Due to my own incompetency and lack of knowledge in the GECK, I did not realize that 2d files did not need to be changed to be heard on NPCs for the minigun loop. Bugs may still be present, I'll say it again, I'm not very handy with the GECK. If you encounter a bug with ANYTHING please FEEL FREE to comment, leave a bug report, or PM me! I will get to it ASAP.

UPDATE 1.12: Updated the Alice Grinder Sounds file to include 2d sounds to every variant of the minigun (Minigun, Eugene, The Shredder). This means when an NPC fires the weapon, you will hear the Alice Grinder sounds instead of the vanilla sounds.
UPDATE 1.1: Added the sounds from the original mod in an optional file. To install, add the sound files and the esp to your data folder, and overwrite the original esp.

A port of the minigun (Alice Grinder) from eomanv's New Vegas mod "AEVegas Vol5 Gatling Alice". Replaces all miniguns in the game.

All regular miniguns and Eugene use the same model. A new minigun with a different model with knives attached, named "The Shredder", is also put into the game. It replaces the minigun in the Outcast's armory in Fort Independence, so hopefully you've collected enough technology for them, otherwise you're in for the fight of your life...

(NOTE: The Shredder for now has the same stats as Eugene, and could be subject to change in a future update. It will probably remain this way however.)

Drag all files to your Data folder.

Credits and Inspirations

If you enjoy this mod, consider downloading eomanv's "AEVegas Vol5 Gatling Alice" mod for New Vegas and give them an endorsement as they are responsible for the original meshes and textures. They are very talented, and I love how much the Alice Grinder looks like the FO4 Minigun.

I got the idea to port the Alice Grinder to FO3 from Psydeffex's mod "Minigun Replacer." It does the exact same mod mine does except on New Vegas. So if you don't want the overpowered stats of the original mod, try his mod!


eomanv has explicitly stated in their mod description "sorry, everything stop, may not start again...everything stop when my son born, now he is a 3 years old badass.sorry for every one whom download my mod, and if some one wish to using my models or some others, NO need my permission, and don't tell me, just feel free." All credits go to them for the models, textures, meshes, etc. I just ported the Alice Grinder to FO3.