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A simple port of Crimes Against Nature for Fallout 3! Races include Snoo, Katia, and Pony.

Permissions and credits
Crimes Against the Capital Wasteland is an adaptation of FancyPants' mod: Crimes Against Nature for Fallout 3! Unfortunately, a few races could actually be adapted without pissing off Nexus Admins or anyone against ported materials.

CaN is also available for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Steam Workshop, Mediafire) and Fallout 4.

This mod currently adds these races:

Snoo, Katia, Pony
  • KP-ShadowSquirrel (For Pony Models and Hairstyles)
  • Poninnahka (For additional Pony Hairstyles)
  • FancyPants (For helping me out, allowing these meshes to be used, and rigging the tails)
  • BeardofSocrates (For teaching this poor n00b how a 3 works)
  • Deedees (For The Skeleton)
Known Issues:

  • (NPCs) Ponies with wings have a farther dialogue camera. This is due to the wings being the "Lower Teeth" or "Upper Teeth" in the Face Data. I didn't want to add it as armor, then they wouldn't be animated and making it an extra Head Part would cause the wings to behave very strangely. So it's either have super weird looking wings that don't affect the Dialog Camera. Or have the Dialog Camera go a bit farther than normal.
  • Wings and Tails disappear when wearing Closed Helmets. This is again, due to the them being face parts. Not much I can do to fix this.

Current (or permanent) limitations compared to the original CaN:

  • (Maybe permanent) Pony Tails and Mane cannot be changed at the same time. So unfortunately for Pony Players, they'll be stuck with the one tail I chose unless they go through the GECK.
  • No CharGen Morphing for all the races (because I'm too lazy to make them and plus EGM's are really weird)
  • No colorful skin tones. Yes, .EGT's exist, but all I've gotten them to do is make the gray base texture go from White to Black only. Not only that, but not all of the meshes/textures will follow the .EGT. More specifically the Neck mesh and Right Hand mesh.

  • Go into ShowRaceMenu and switch to one of the Human races FIRST. < (If you don't do this, YOUR GAME WILL CRASH ON LOAD)
  • Save your game.
  • Exit the game and uninstall the mod.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):
Q1: Whhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyy....

A1: Shut up. Or ask FancyPants about it on CaN's Skyrim Workshop Page.

Q2: Ponies are cancer.
A2: That's not a question.

Q3: Are ponies cancer?
A3: I'm not a doctor, retard. So probably.

Q4: Why only 3 races?
A4: Because I'm lazy. Man. That and CaN's other races often uses assets from the vanilla games and I can't port those over.

Q5: How do I play as them?
Q5: Bring up the console and type "ShowRaceMenu" and select your race. If you want to edit your character, without going through the Race Menu process use "ShowPlasticSurgeonMenu".

Q6: I FOUND A BUG! It tastes like chocolate.
Q6: Please report any bugs in the bugs section. Do not use the comment section to report issues, otherwise I will not be notified of them.

Q7: I hate ponies. I don't want to see that on my ShowRaceMenu.
A7: Install the Equinophobia Plugin.

Q8: Will there be a New Vegas version?

A8: Yes. Here it is.

Q9: Can I port this mod over to Oblivion or make my own modified / fixed version?
A9: Absolutely. But please give proper credit to the right people. DO NOT CREDIT ME FOR ANY OF THE MESHES.

Q10: You stupid ass, you did not recreate my PONY WAIFU ACCURATELY.
A10: The .blend and .psd files are available in the Miscellaneous Section, so make them yourself.

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