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Adds Mirelurk Hatchlings to the game in much the same way as they operate in Fallout 4. Approaching a mirelurk egg clutch may cause hatchlings to burst forth. The hatchlings are not tough, but they do pack a nasty bite.

Permissions and credits
This simple mod adds mirelurk hatchlings to the game that function in much the same way as they do in Fallout 4. Approaching a mirelurk egg clutch will give a chance for hatchlings to burst out. The hatchlings are not tough, but do pack a nasty bite.

Each mirelurk egg clutch has a chance of spawning up to three hatchling eggs. The chance of a given hatchling egg spawning a hatchling depends on the player's luck and sneaking status.

The eggs can be destroyed. If an egg is destroyed before a hatchling emerges, then no hatchling will spawn from that egg.


The mod adds a script to the mirelurk egg clutch containers of the base game. If you are using any other mods that add a script to these containers, then a mod conflict will arise.

I have checked to ensure that the Anchorage War Memorial stage of the Wasteland Survival Guide quest is not affected by these changes.


There are two files: 'Mirelurk Young' just requires the base fallout3.esm; 'Mirelurk Young incl. Point Lookout' also requires Point Lookout. Choose one or the other.


Unpack the zip file and copy the contents to the relevant folders within your data folder.

Known Issues

- The eggs can be destroyed, but hitting them with guns or melee seems to be almost impossible, probably because of interaction with the collision box of
  the clutch models. They can be easily destroyed with explosives, however

- The eggs cannot be targeted in VATS. They should be, but it doesn't work and I have no idea why not.


Bethesda, for the game and GECK.