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This mod improves lighting in HDR mode and changes weather presets.

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This mod improves exterior lighting and weather settings in HDR mode.

What it does:
Removes all green tints, reduces amount of fog, so it's only seen on far objects, balances lighting colors and intensity, changes weather settings.
Weather types in the wasteland are controlled by regions as before, weather in the city is changing randomly.
It doesn't affect performance in any way, works nice and smooth on Pentium 4

This mod is optimized for HDR mode, in LDR it doesn't really look cool...
This mod is not compatible with other mods that change standard exterior lighting and weather settings
This mod only changes exterior lighting, so it probably should work fine with other mods that change interior lighting.
Should work well with mods that use scripted weather override.
Perfectly compatible and works great with these mods:
Fallout Street Lights
Enhanced Weather - Rain and Snow

Version 1.2 Changes:
More realistic sunlight.
Darker nights.
Small adjustments to the render settings.
Version 1.2 pics are those with blue HUD...

Version 1.1 Changes:
Increased daytime sunlight intensity.
Decreased night brightness in cloudy suburban weather.
Finished settings in Megaton and Oasis.

Put the esp file in the data folder.
Enable it in launcher or in mod manager.
Enable HDR in launcher settings if it's not enabled.