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A small mod which i've been working on recently. It simply adds an custom pickup sounds when looting an item.

Permissions and credits
Final version now released. 
New Vegas Version here

This mod adds custom pickup sounds when looting items in the wasteland.

Here's an good example video (Very old version)

Example video 2 (Newer version)

Example video 3 (Newer version)

Grenade Fix


This mod adds custom pickup sounds to most commonly picked items such as purified water, scrap metal, skill books an so on.
It also adds an custom equip sound to pulse and plasma grenades which really help "grenade hotkey" users.

For FWE users, there's a great patch for this mod by TheMagician16. Patch link found from the comment section.


Download with NMM or FOMM
Extract the "Data" folder and its contents to your Fallout directory.

Please report all possible problems to the comments section if encountered. I'll be glad to help

Bethesda for Fallout 3 
Me for creating the sound effects
TheMagician16 for the FWE patch