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Adds the super mutant suicider from Fallout 4.

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Fallout 4 has introduced so many great things, so modders keep working on adding those back to Fallout 3. One thing I love from Fallout 4 is the new super mutant that rushes you with a mini nuke - the suicider.

This is tough to add to Fallout 3 since mini nukes are a projectile and none of the weapons work like a suicide bomb rig. The way I dealt with this was to start with a copy of the Power Fist and change it to the "Nuclear Fist". It looks like a mini nuke, but if you (or a companion) get hit, it goes off like a mini nuke. If it survives the blast (or you kill the suicider), the weapon is unplayable. He has a mini nuke on him as loot if you survive. So if you hear a klaxon, better start looking around - if you can see the mini nuke in his hand, you're probably already dead! :)

Technical note for those interested: The way to add an explosion to a melee weapon is to attach an object effect to it. Note, you need the weapon to have at least a damage of 1 for the object effect to be applied. Explosions can NOT be object effects; an object effect is a list of base effects, and explosions cannot be base effects, either. A base effect can be a list of modifiers to game variables, like health or armor condition, or a script. I made an object effect that has one base effect which in turn calls a script. The only thing the script does is "placeatme FatManNukeExplosion" which starts the mini nuke explosion at the point of the target that was struck by the melee weapon. This works rather well.

So how does this differ from the Fallout 4 suicider? The sound isn't the same; I used the klaxon because it's one of the few looping sounds in the stock game that you can hear well. I might later use a custom sound that sounds more like the Fallout 4 sound, but I kinda like the klaxon. You also can't explode the bomb in his hand - Fallout 3 just doesn't allow it. You CAN shoot the bomb out of his hand, then shoot the bomb on the ground. If you do, it will explode with the appropriate explosion. This means you need to be a better shot if you wish to use the bomb against the super mutants.

I've scattered eight suiciders around the wasteland, and ten more around the downtown areas (save for Chevy Chase and duPont Circle). I also added suiciders to the list of melee super mutants so that there is a chance of a suicider anywhere a random melee super mutant can spawn. This is compatible with the extra spawn plug-in from MMM, but it may need a merged patch for the full MMM; I'm not sure if it modifies the same list, but I'll try to check on it.

Note: The use of Epic Mini Nukes is highly suggested for a more epic experience: http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/mods/20242/?

Copy the esp to your game data folder and enable it with your mod manager.

Disable the esp with your mod manager and delete the esp.

Bethesda for making Fallout 3 and 4 and allowing us to make mods for them.

You can do whatever you like with this mod. I'd appreciate a note in the readme, but won't require it. This is standard for all my mods that don't contain assets from other mods.

Change log
2016/01/10 - v1.0 released.