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Allows for smoother gameplay, faster load times, better fps, enhanced quality and eliminates crashes. Works with Steam, GoG, Epic & Steam Deck included.

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for December 2015

Thanks very much all.

4GB MCTF - Multi-Core Threading Fix, for short
It is a mod download, but really not a mod per say as it causes no changes to any other files and the game remains in a fully vanilla state, just runs much better and more stable.

* Follow My
Vanilla Gameplay series below as I complete the entire Main Quest (Game), using just this fix to prove it to be Stable and Crash free.

Mod Information.

Works with all versions including Steam, GoG, Epic Games and Steam Deck
This enables support for 4GB LAA, Multi-core and Threading. As well as 4GB LAA FOSE support.

This should allow for smoother gameplay, faster loading times, better fps, enhanced quality and eliminates crashes by enabling & adjusting the Gamebryo Engine core and threading functions of the game, as well as adjusting other lines, by updating the Fallout_default.ini.
For ini changes see DOCS tab above.

By updating the games default.ini it allows the game to generate a newer fallout.ini with the included changes.
Once the launcher is run the new ini will be generated containing the updated settings.
This saves the need to worry about altering the fallout.ini or putting a write protect on it in order to save changes.

The 4GB patch included works for both the game exe and the FOSE exe, as well it can be used for multiple other games.
Example, Half Life 2 or related games, Portal, Left 4 Dead, ect..
This will enable 4GB Large Address Aware on the file.

Follow these few steps below to get you on your way.

Make life easy with this simple fix.

* Works with Windows 11 also
* To unlock the fps check the 3rd video below.
* If you are already using the Steam Anniversary patch for FOSE use, update the ini's and use the 4gb patch on the FOSE.
  See FOSE notes below.
*The newest versions of Fallout3 no longer contains winlive and the live button has been removed from the game. (All but GoG)
  This is not a mod change, but part of the recent game update to 
  As a result I removed the winlive download link from additional installs as it should no longer be needed.
-  MO1 and MO2 does run off it's own fallout.ini file, you must replace that file in addition to the other changes in order for this to work properly with it.

*Steam Deck Users
Goto Power and switch to Desktop Mode.
This mode acts just like a PC and let's you make file changes or modifications.
Download this fix and update the 3 files in your game. (I suggest the Regular FOV)
You can find your game folders in Desktop mode and place files in those locations.
This will help fix the games crashing issues on the steam deck.
Run game normally after.

To Install:

Make a folder called "originals" in your game folder and copy/paste the original files there.
 (fallout_default.ini, fallout3.exe)

Step 1:

Extract the contents of the download.
Place the Fallout_default.ini and the 4GB patch in your Fallout folder.
Steam: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 3 (goty)
GOG:    C:\Program Files (x86)\GOG Galaxy\Games\Fallout 3
Epic Games: C:\Program Files\Epic Games\fallout3\Fallout 3 GOTY English

All Versions:
Place the Fallout.ini in C:\Users\<>\Documents\My Games\Fallout3.

Step 2:
Run the 4GB patch and select the Fallout3.exe,
apply to enable 4GB LAA. You should get a patch successful screen.

Run Game Launcher. Set hardware and game settings.

Start normally.
Setup your mouse speed ingame under settings.

If game does not start Check additional installs and the additional step below & reboot PC for changes to take effect.

Additional Installs:

If you have an Intel Graphics install this Intel Graphics - Use the d3d9.dll only.
Place in the game folder.

Additional Step:

(click the win10 start button & click the gear icon)
Go to Windows10 Settings, System, Display, Graphics settings
Click Browse and goto the game folder 
Steam: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 3 (goty)
GOG:    C:\Program Files (x86)\GOG Galaxy\Games\Fallout 3
Epic Games: C:\Program Files\Epic Games\fallout3\Fallout 3 GOTY English
Select the Fallout3.exe

Once selected Fallout3.exe will appear under the "Browse" button.
Select it and click "options", select High performance and save.
This will set the GPU for you.
You can do the same for any other games you have.

Please restart your system.
Run game normally after.

To Uninstall:

Move the fallout3.exe and fallout_default.ini files from Originals folder back to game folder.
Goto \Documents folder and delete the Fallout.ini
Run The Game Launcher and setup your hardware again.

If you have any issues with the newest release, you can always try the previous version.

This video was made before I got my Epic Games Version to also test, but I do have it now and it is fully tested and works also.

Any alterations or additional changes should be entered into the default ini so it can then be generated in the fallout.ini.
After making alterations to the default ini, delete the fallout.ini then run the launcher again to generate an updated version.
*Fallout New Vegas Version Found Here

FOSE Setup
Not required to run the game.

Steam or Epic Version.

Apply the following patch first:
Steam Anniversary Patcher for FOSE use
Update the ini's if you have not done so and use the 4gb patch on the FOSE after.

Normal FOSE setup works fine with GoG version.

Adding the Fallout3 Script Extender
- Download and extract the files to your game folder.
- Steam: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 3 (goty)
  GOG:    C:\Program Files (x86)\GOG Galaxy\Games\Fallout 3
  Epic Games: C:\Program Files\Epic Games\fallout3\Fallout 3 GOTY English
- Run the 4gb patch and direct it to the game folder, apply it to the fose_loader.exe.

Make a shortcut to your desktop from the fose_loader.exe and launch from this.
Make sure to have run the game from normal launcher at least once, before running from fose. 
Start and play.
Suggestion: Add it as a non-Steam game to your library, to run it through Steam.


Gameplay - This series will show that you can play a crash free and stable game with just this simple fix.
A Main Quest Play-through in God mode to test the games limits and speed up the story-line.
Playlist link
Part 1 Uses the Enhanced FOV, Part 2 and on is Regular FOV - Unedited recordings

Other helpful videos.

Unlocking Your FPS

ENB with Sweetfx here

Reshade with SweetFX

Game Play
Standard FOV

Enhanced FOV

Gameplay Help


Adittional Tweaks

Download Cleanmem here to help improve your games and gameplay.
Especially helpful for mod users.
Make sure to watch till end for Task Manager Setup, for it to work with the games you have added.

Nvidia Users.

Enable DSR here
Game Supports both DSR and MFAA

ATI Users:
Enable VSR here.


Final Notes* Mod Users.

Although this helps correct the main game and DLC and helps with mods use, it cannot fix "all" mod issues.
It does however let you know that you are building your list on a stable game.
If a mod is broken or causes issues or crashes, you should let the mod author know.
 - They may be able to give additional help or suggestions.
Check if you have an overlay issue
- Some overlays can have issues with things like ENB or similar add ins, make sure this is not the issue.
Try restarting your system.
 - Fallout can get quirks as a result of file changes or updates and a simple PC/System restart will fix many issues.
Lastly, check to ensure you have no conflicts between mods and that you have installed them properly.


I hope this helps and enjoy your game.
Just a quick thank-you. I really appreciate the response and feedback I have gotten. Thanks very much.
Thanks to Danielle Pistelli and  NTCore for the 4GB patch software.
Thanks to Bethesda and Obsidian
Thanks also to Nexus and the Nexus Community.