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Addresses some idiosyncratic quest updates related to reading Moriarty's Terminal.

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Note: This fix is now included in the UPDATED Unofficial Fallout 3 Patch as of version 1.9.1 of that mod (released August 3rd, 2015). It is highly recommended that you install that you install UUF3P instead of Moriarty's Terminal Fixed unless you don't meet UUF3P's requirements (i.e. you don't have all of the official DLC).

== Description ==

Moriarty's Terminal Fixed addresses some idiosyncratic quest updates related
to reading Moriarty's Terminal.


1. By default, opening Moriarty's Terminal automatically progresses the main
quest, "Following in His Foosteps," to reveal that James (Dad) headed for the
GNR building. With this mod installed, the quest status will not update until
the player selects the entry about James on Moriarty's Terminal that reveals
the pertinent information.

2. By default, there is an entry on Moritary's Terminal about Leo Stahl and his
drug problem. However, gaining the information by reading the terminal entry
does not allow the player to confront Leo for the unmarked Leo's Drug Habit
quest, the way that convincing other NPCs to share the rumor about Leo's
problem does. With this mod installed, reading the entry on Leo will properly
credit the player character with knowledge of the drug habit.

== Installation ==

No special instructions needed; install normally with Mod Organizer or your mod
manager of choice.

It is suggested that you merge this mod using a Wrye Flash bashed patch or the
xEdit merge plugins script.

== Manual Installation (Not Recommended) ==

1. Download the Moriarty's Terminal Fixes.7z file.

2. Extract the contents of Moriarty's Terminal Fixes.7z into your
[Fallout 3]\Data folder using 7zip or your archive application of choice.

3. Select Data Files from the Fallout 3 Launcher, check Moriarty's Terminal
Fixes.esp file and launch the game.

== Compatibility/Load Order ==

This mod shouldn't substantially conflict with anything, except perhaps other
mods that affect Moriarty's Terminal specifically. I suggest loading this mod
before any such mods and creating a bashed/merged patch.

== Credit ==

This mod may be distributed freely and incorporated into other mods; you may
credit Tukka for the contribution if you feel it is appropriate.

Special thanks to the modding community and xEdit team.

== Release History ==

Release 1: Initial release. (July 19, 2015)