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RI - Primary Needs adds \"Primary Needs\" feature. PC needs to take Sleep, Food, Drink periodically. This MOD is originally designed as supplemental part of \"Real Injuries\". I highly recommend to use this mod with \"Real Injuries.

Permissions and credits
RI - Primary Needs

Version: 2.0.3
Update Date: 2/8/2009
Category: Gameplay Effects and Changes
Author(s): K.Schenk
Forum: http://www.bethsoft.com/bgsforums/index.php?showtopic=938887

Please read the document first.

RI - Primary Needs adds "Primary Needs" feature. PC needs to take Sleep, Food, Drink periodically.

This MOD is originally designed as supplemental part of "Real Injuries". I highly recommend to use this mod with "Real Injuries".

This new patch is for My Brahmin Bess version 1.4 and RI - Primary Needs 2.x.
Please read the documents first.

You can download new version of "My Brahmin Bess" from:

Changes and Fixes in 2.0.3
  • Fix menu condition issue
  • Fix Script condition issue
  • Change LootTable plugin, Cooking Pack will randomly appear in misc vendors.

Changes and Fixes in 2.0.2
  • New: Add new backpack textures. (Digital Camo) - Thanks to Bunsaki for excellent work
  • New: Add backpack shoulder straps
  • Change: New Meshes/Textures for Water Treat Pot and Field Cooker - Thanks to FritZ_FretZ for excellent work
  • Fix: Fix Vendor script issue.

Changes and Fixes in 2.0.1
  • Fix RI_PNAnchorage issue
  • Reduce base sleep requirement. (6 hours in 24 hours to 4.8 hours in 24 hours)
  • New: Running modifier. When PC is running - Hunger rate + 10%/Thirst rate + 50%/Fatigue rate + 12.5%
  • New: Sneak modifier. When PC is sneaking - Hunger rate + 5%/Thirst rate + 25%/Fatigue rate + 12.5%
  • Running/Sneak modifier and Combat exhaust modifier are cumulative.
  • Fix Typo in readme.

Version 2.0.0
Important Note:
Version 2.0.0 does not compatible with version 1.x. If you want to use new version, follow 1.x UNINSTALL process, then install 2.0.0.

New Features in 2.0.0
  • Backpack with Sleeping bag (Meshes/Textures created by Bunsaki. You can see his original Backpack mod here: http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=2553)
  • New Plugin RI_Alcohol.esp --- Alcohol can quench your thirst, but your thirst rate will increase next 600 secs.
  • New Plugin RI_PNMMM.esp --- Add Mart's Mutant Mod's Scorpion Meat to food/cooking list.
  • New Plugin RI_LootTablePN.esp --- Drastically decrease entire food/waters amount in Wasteland.
  • New Plugin RI_PNAnchorage.esp --- Disable RI - Primary Needs processing when PC is in Simulator.

Development plan after 2.0.0
  • Oven Cooking (50% done) with new food, ingredient
  • Oven Cooking related Quest (30% done)

Fix in 1.2.1:
FIx Water Refill timer issue.

Changes and Fixes in 1.2.0:
  • Fix: Script condition issues.
  • Change: Initialize routine changed. RI - Primary Needs no longer ask options when first load, or after Quest Escape! finished. Just start with default settings.
  • Add "Use Water Treat Pot" to in-game menu.
  • New config option "Remove Config item". If you don't like config activator, use this option.
  • Vendor monitor script improved.
  • Re-Compile FOSE scripts for FOSE beta 5.

Changes in 1.1.7:
  • Change Cannibal perk behavior (see food table)
  • Change bloodpack. If PC has Hematophage perk, bloodpack will provide food points.
  • Re-compile FOSE related scripts for FOSE beta 4.

Document update for 1.1.6:
Update RI - Primary Needs.html.
- Add usage of Water Treat Pot.

Changes in 1.1.6:
  • Disable menu mode state changes and messaging when requirement was disabled.

If you are not disabling Hunger/Thirst requirement, you don't need update from 1.1.5.

Changes in 1.1.5:
  • Hunger/Food requirement adjust.
  • Daily Base Requirement is increased to 20 food points.
  • Food points cap increased to 54.0
  • Over-Fed state range narrowed. (Possible 6 hours to 1.8 hours)
  • Now food/drink status changes works with menu mode.
  • At drinking/eating quest script interval decreased 1.5 to 1.0

Fixes in 1.1.3:
  • Fix cooking menu condition issue
  • Change HTS main cycle - When you take drink, food and or sleep. Following cycle will finish within 6 secs. (may little vary)

Fixes in 1.1.2:
  • Fix unexpected messaging behavior.

Fixes in 1.1.1:
  • Add penalties refresh routine after 24 real hours. (Current penalties will expire after 86,400 seconds.)
  • Fix posible duplicate messaging issue.

Fixes and Changes in 1.1.0:
  • New: Portable Mat
  • New: PC Bed sleep bonus - If PC slept at PC own bed (Megaton or Tempenny), will receive sleep hours bonus.
  • New: Water Treat Pot
  • Fix: Vendor stock issue fixed
  • Fix: Minor scripting issues fixed
  • Fix: Awakening Effect condition issue.
  • Fix: Empty Bottle Timer issue
  • Change: Main Monitor interval increased
  • Change: Water bottles weight reduced to 0.5 (16 FL Oz. to 8 FL Oz)
  • Change: Each Bottled drink points changed (See Food/Drink Point, Sleep affection table)
  • Change: Purified/Dirty Waters base value changed
  • Change: Waters type availability, cost/effect balance adjusted.
  • Change: Water Improvement - Now you can improve "Dirty Water" to "Good Water"
  • Change: Grilled Meat/Mirelurk/Insect values adjusted.

Note: Radiation Damage
Due to Water Spell's Radiation damage change, if you are using Game Setting Tweaks mod for Increase water/swim radiation damage, you may notice massive radiation damage increase. With Vanilla, around megaton bombs water gives you +2 Rad/Sec, and after base effect changes, it will +9 Rad/Sec. However, combine with some Game Setting tweak mods, it can be + 50 Rad/Sec or more. Avoid using with those kind of mod. Or if you feel those lethal changes are good, you can stay with your setting.

Fixes and Changes in 1.0.1:
  • Fixed: Jet did not give -25 drink points
  • Fixed: Conditional Well Rested Effect disple issue - Sometimes, Disple "Good Condition" did not happen. With this problem, PC may have "Tired" effect and "Good Condition" effect same time.
  • Changes: "Awakening Effect" penalty little adjusted. - If you take "Awakening Effect" drink, food and chems, you received some penalty. But I remove this penalty from when PC's sleep condition is normal condition.


New Game:
RI - Primary Needs start with default settings when you escaped from Vault 101. If you need to change some settings, go your AID tab and use [RI - Primary Needs Config] item.

All features are disabled when during tutorial session in Vault 101. If you use alternative start mods which skip tutorial part. RI - Primary Needs may not start.
Quick Workaround is, open console then type CompleteQuest 14E86
This command force to finish Quest CG04 "Escape!".

Existing save games:
You can use config item for change settings.

For more detailed information, please read the readme.


Primary Needs - Hunger

First time when you enabled this mod, PC will have 42.5 food points. Every 24 hours PC will lose 20+ food points. And each food gives 1 food point/0.1 wg (some exception). This means you need 1.5wg+ foods per day for keeping good hunger condition.

Combat affects to hunger points. During the combat PC will lose extra 50% food points. If PC fights 12hours in a day, Food Points requirement is 25.0 points.

52.5 points+ (Too full) -1 AGI
35 points to 52.4 points No penalty
25 points to 34 points -1 END/-1 STR
15 points to 25 points -2 END/-2 STR
0 point to 14 points -3 END/-2 STR/-1 INT

* Max food points is 55, minimum is 0.

Primary Needs - Thirst

First time when you enabled this mod, PC will have 300 drink points. Every 24 hours PC will lose 100+ drink points. And each drink gives drink points. (See Food/Drink Point, Sleep affection table)
Respected water sources are: Bottled Waters, Water Sources (Sink, Toilet etc...), Nuka-Cola, Ice Cold Nuka-Cola.

Combat affects to drink points. During the combat PC will lose extra 100% drink points. If PC fights 12hours in a day, Drink Points requirement is 150 points.

250 points+ (First 12 hours) No Penalty
200 points to 249 points (12 to 24 hours) -1 AGI
150 points to 199 points (24 to 36 hours) -1 AGI/-1 END
100 points to 149 points (36 to 48 hours) -2 AGI/-2 END/ -1 STR
50 points to 99 points (48 to 60 hours) -2 AGI/-2 END/-2 STR/-1 INT
0 to 49 points (60 hours over)-3 AGI/-3 END/-3 STR/-2 INT

* Max drink points is 300, minimum is 0.

Primary Needs - Sleep/Fatigue

If you enable this feature, PC should sleep periodically. Basically, PC needs at least 6+ hours sleep in a day for recover from fatigue. If PC does not take enough sleep, penalty will apply.
When first load this mod, PC's sleep require hours is 0. Sleep require hours is basically 1/3 awake hours. If PC awake 24 hours, sleep require hours is 8 hours.

Combat affects to fatigue. During the combat PC will gain +25% extra sleep hours. If PC fights 12 hours in a day, sleep require hours is 9 hours.None of food, chems decrease your sleep require hours. However, you can temporary defer penalties by taking Nuka-Colas, Mutfruits, and Jet. See Awakening effect.

0 to 6 hoursNo Penalty
6+ to 12 hours-1 AGI
12+ to 18 hours-2 AGI/-1 INT
18+ hours to 24 hours-3 AGI/-2 INT/-1 STR
24+ hours ( means no sleep over 3 days )-4 AGI/-3 INT/-2 STR

* If PC slept 18+ hours, sleep requirement resets no matter how long awake.

- Sleep Quality:
Basically, one hour sleep reduce one hour sleep require hours. However, length of sleep affect to sleep quality.

If PC slept:
1 to 3 hours: 1 hour sleep reduce 0.75 sleep require hours
4 to 6 hours: 1 hour sleep reduce 1 sleep require hour
7 to 12 hours: 1 hour sleep reduce 1.25 sleep require hours
13 to 17 hours: 1 hour sleep reduce 1.2 sleep require hours
18 hours over: Sleep require hours reset to 0.

Combat Exhost

Combat length affect Hunger, Thirst, Sleep conditions. If PC occasinaly fight, you will more hunger, thirst and tired. Due to this feature, Hunger/Thirst/Sleep requirements are vary. Depends on play-style.

Affection rate:

* Hunger
+ 50% hunger during combat.
* Thirst
+100% thirst during combat.
* Sleep
+ 12.5% fatigue during combat.

Simple Cooking
You can cook "Raw Meats" by using "RI Field Cooker"

Some vendors are selling RI Field Cooker and RI Cooking Pack. RI Field Cooker is electric portable cooker. RI Cooking Pack is containing one time battery for RI Field Cooker and salt and other unknown spices.
Grilled Meats provide 2 food points /0.1wg, however all other effects are gone. Basic formura is: 1 Raw Meat + 1 RI Cooking Pack = 2 Grilled Meats.

Also you can improve your Bad and Terrible waters via through Simple Cooking Menu. You have to have RI Cooking Pack and Rad-X. Bad Water became to Dirty Water, and Terrible Water became to Bad Water.

How to use?

Drop RI Field Cooker from your inventory, then Grab and Release (by using Z key). After few seconds, Cooking menu will popup. You can't use RI Field Cooker when during combat. Each time, one RI Cooking Pack consumed.

If you are using FOSE, you can use Config Key for access cooking menu.
Fillable Empty Bottle
When you drink Purified Water/Dirty Water and other newly introduced waters, PC will receive one "Empty Bottle". (Using same model/texture as Dirty Water)

This "Empty Bottle" is a consumable item and sitting in AID tab. When you need to refill water, use Empty Bottle in inventory, then activate water source within 15 seconds. If PC fails to activate water source within 15 seconds, Empty Bottle return to PC inventory.

If PC successfully activate water source within 15 seconds, PC will receive one Water Bottle. A water type depends on what water source is activated.

This Fillable Empty Bottle feature is not altering Activators. Just changes only Water effects. Due to this implementation, Fillable Water work as following:
1/ PC drink water from water source - Play animation and sound.
2/ Recieve Radiation damage
3/ RI - Primary Needs checks "Empty Bottle" used past 15 seconds.
4/ If yes, RI - Primary Needs gives Water Bottle to PC inventory.
5/ Then remove Radiation damages.

And also, water sources never says "+xx HP". However, if you choose Preset 1, PC HP will recover.

List of Waters:

* Bad Water ------ 10 Radiation damages / 25 drink points
* Terrible Water -- 20 Radiation damages / 25 drink points
* Lethal Water ---- 500 Radiation damages / 25 drink points

Food/Drink Point, Sleep affection table
See RI - Primary Needs Readme.html

Awakening Effect:

Nuka-Cola, Ice Cold Nuka-Cola, Mutfruit, Chunky Mutfruit and Jet have speciall effect of "Awakening Effect".
Awakening Effect allow to stop current Sleep penalty temporary. However, this effect increase sleep require hours after warn off. After Awakening effect warn off, you will face more severe fatigue.

PC will receive +1 PER bonus during under influence of Awakening Effect.

* Awakening effect is stackable.

1. Copy RI_PNeeds.esp to (install folder)\fallout 3\Data\
2. Start Fallout 3 Launcher, click 'Data Files', place a checkmark beside the .esp file(s).

* 1.0.x to latest 1.x
1. Just replace esp file.

* Beta to 1.0.0
1. Fullfill all your needs. (Optional/Recommend)
2. Proceed "Uninstall" from Config menu, then save current progress.
* After uninstall precess finished. Check EFF screen, and make sure PC has no penalties.
3. Disable RI_PNeeds.esp from Launcher
4. Load Save Data and Save again. (Clean Save Data)
5. Copy RI_PNeeds.esp to fallout 3\data folder.
6. Enable RI_PNeeds.esp from Launcher
7. Load your latest save game

* RI_Hunger/RI_Thirst/RI_Sleep to RI - Primary Needs.
1. Fullfill all your needs (Optional/Recommend)
2. RI_Thirst and RI_Sleep:
Proceed "Uninstall" from Config menu, then save current progress.
* After uninstall precess finished. Check EFF screen, and make sure PC has no penalties.
3. Disable RI_Hunger/RI_Thirst and RI_Sleep
4. Load Save data and Save again. (Clean Save data.)
5. Copy RI_PNeeds.esp to fallout 3\data folder.
6. Enable RI_PNeeds.esp from Launcher ro FOMM
7. Load your latest Clean Save Data.

1. Fullfill all your needs. (Optional/Recommend)
2. Proceed "Uninstall" from Config menu, then save current progress.
* After uninstall precess finished. Check EFF screen, and make sure PC has no penalties.
3. Disable RI_PNeeds.esp from Launcher
4. Load Save Data and Save again. (Clean Save Data)
5. Disable RI_PNeeds.esp from Launcher/FOMM.
6. Load your latest save game

Version History:
* 1.1.5
Minor fix, some adjustments.
* 1.1.0
Major changes. See Fixes/Changes list
* 1.0.0
Initial Release

This mod will conflict with any other mod which adds hungr, thirst, sleep featurs. (like HTS type mods)
And conflict with mods which changes sleep scripts (like Sleeping Bag mods and Welcome to the Wasteland)
  • Purified Water/Dirty Water/Nuka-Cola/Ice Cold Nuka-Cola
  • Water Source Spells
  • All food
  • NukaColaAddCapEffectScript
  • WellRestedAbilityEffectSCRIPT
  • WellRestedMessageEffectSCRIPT

You can find me on the official Fallout 3 forums as 'kathrin'

Backpack Meshes/Textures
Thanks to bunsaki for allowing use excellent backpack Meshes/Textures.

"Wearable Backpack - BlackWolf Backpack" by bunsaki

Also, his work based on following works. Thanks for excellent works.

"Wearable Backpack" Mod by dumbassusername

"Backpack Modders Resource" by HarbingerSP001

Thanks to Bethesda for creating Fallout 3.
Thanks to Fallout 3 Nexus for the a one-stop-shop resource for authors and players.
Thanks to LHammonds for the Readme Generator this file was based on.
Thanks to Valkynaz Khazgrim for suggestions.
Thanks to Dunderklumpen (Bethsoft forum) for suggestions, correct messages.
Thanks to runicNormad (Fo3Nexus forum) for correct messages.
Thanks to mailor (Bethsoft forum) for suggestions, bug reports, beta testing.
Thanks to Claw (Bethsoft forum) for bug reports, technical suggestions, beta testing.
Thanks to DarkUncleBoh (Bethsoft forum) for very detailed bug reports.
And thanks to all users.

Tools Used
G.E.C.K. - http://fallout.bethsoft.com/eng/downloads/geck.html
FO3Edit - http://fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=637
FOMM - http://timeslip.chorrol.com/index.html
Readme Generator - http://lhammonds.game-host.org/obmm/tools_readme_generator1.asp

Please do not alter/redistribute/migrate this mod without my express permission. Even if you have permission for 1.x, that permission will not apply for 2.0.0.

To prevent the disruption caused by number of variant of master ESM, DO NOT modify or redistribute ESM file. You can use as resources for your own mods, but if you do this, tell your users to download RI_Core.esm from "Real Injuries" download page. DO NOT include RI_Core.esm with your own mod's archive.

Meshes/Textures: Those are not my work. Original author allow to include his work in Real Injuries/RI - Primary Needs. Do not redistribute without original authors permission.