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Very simple mod that ensures Brand will always appear in The Pitt steel mill.

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This is now included in the UPDATED Unofficial Fallout 3 Patch version 1.9.1+ so no need to download it separately if using UUFO3P (highly recommended).

In vanilla Fallout 3 (The Pitt DLC), Brand would not appear in the steel mill if you bought the slaves from Ramsey and talked to Prosper. This really never made any sense. How would Brand possibly know you had freed some slaves back in the Capital Wasteland? Ramsey sure doesn't seem to mind, so why would Brand be unavailable to you? As far as I know, no other patch out there addresses this huge oversight, so I created a very small mod that takes care of this. Just install it with FOMM/NMM, or extract the ESP to your Data folder.

This requires The Pitt DLC obviously!

Note: if you have already visited the steel mill even once before installing this mod, Brand will still not appear. In this case you must either load a save from before your first visit to the mill or use the console to enable Brand as follows:

PRID 02003e64

(This assumes that The Pitt is the third ESM in your load order. If not, adjust the above accordingly.)
Running the two commands above without this mod will not make Brand appear because in the vanilla game he comes equipped with a script which checks if you bought the slaves back in the Capital Wasteland and spoke to Prosper. And if you did both he will be immediately disabled. That's what this mod fixes.