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Overland player home with many displays, crafting and interactive devices.

Permissions and credits
Update (1/26/2015):
After conferring with Nexus support, I've been given permission to upload an FO3 Wanderer's Edition compatible version of this mod (since Peekaboom and his team are not responding). The only real differences are some textual references and the Miss Launcher & Reservists Rifle graphics are replaced with the FWE Grenade Launcher & Drifter's Laser Rifle. FWE users should download this file only while everyone else should download the original only. If you use FWE and already have the original, just unload it before loading the new one.


My favorite Fallout 3 home has always been the Underground Hideout by danthegeek. But there have always been things I would have done differently or added. I did actually edit the Hideout quite a bit for my own tastes, but there was something about that that always bugged me. So I finally decided to build my own home which includes everything I think the Hideout is missing, while duplicating as little as possible. Effectively this home is an extension to the Hideout, though it does not require that mod. In my opinion they are best used together.

In defiance of the number of included amenities, this is not a sprawling home. It's actually fairly small, so I worked hard to organize everything as spaciously as possible, as I've never cared for giant homes. It occupies an elevated position that does not interfere with anything natively ingame. I've also rigged everything so that, in the event that an explosion goes off in or around the house (which will happen), none of the included displays or decorations will be moved or destroyed.

The Sniper's Bunkhouse is at Friendship Station, just north of DC. The MapMarker is visible in the PipBoy, but it must be travelled to initially for discovery.

Quick Summary:
My intentions with this house were rather basic in the beginning...
  • An overland sniper home in range of some sweet respawning targets, and with some sniper specific weapons displays.
  • Displays for my Brotherhood of Steel Holotag (100) & Abe Lincoln collections.
  • A custom vendor with 10 times as many caps as any other vendor in the game.
Displays... (all of these autopopulating upon container drop except for the PreWar Money)
  • 100 Brotherhood of Steel Holotags
  • The complete Abe Lincoln collection (except for his Rifle --> manual display case)
  • Steel Ingot pyramid (9 total in this case)
  • Stealthboys
  • Nuka Cola collectibles (Nuka Cola, Nuka Cola Quantum, Nuka Cola Grenades & Nuka Cola Toy Trucks)
  • Alcohols (including Moonshine)
  • All Stims & Standard Medicinals
  • 7 Sniper/Ranged Weapons (all named/unique, does not conflict with UH's weap displays since non-named can populate his displays).
  • Massive Cigarette displays for all 3 types.
  • Pre-War Money drop (manual drop bin, but with some activatables to make it faster) see Sign for usage).
  • Standard Schematic workbench sorter for the usual items (Fission Batteries, Surgical Tubing, Pilot Lights, etc).
  • Custom Schematic workbench sorter for rare Wasteland munitions crafting (nonStandard crafting materials).
  • Autodrop buttons (to house storage) for: Cigs, NukaCola, Meds, Holotags, Stealthboys & Alcohol
  • Autopull buttons (from house storage) for commonly used items: Stimpaks, Stealthboys, Rad-X, Radaway, Whiskey & Nuka Grenade.
  • Custom Workbench for crafting standard schematic Weapons from your inventory or Workbench storage.
  • The same Custom Workbench also crafts (from Workbench Storage only): Mini-Nukes, Cryo-Mines, Cryo-Grenades & Bio-Gas Cannisters (no schematic needed).
  • The Holy Sanctifier (irradiates Purified Water to make Holy Water, needed for rare munitions crafting).
  • Moonshine Still (operates the same way as Marguerite's still, except without Marguerite).
Vendor (Vuld Ironshot)...
  • Primarily carries the same items as other weapons/armor dealers, though I've added a few uncommon things (such as Cherry Bombs & Yeast).
  • Currency set at 6,500 caps.
  • Caps and inventory reset every 6 days (standard for all vendors).
  • 100 Repair (This is not cheating since you can infinitely access Somah on the Mothership after completing that DLC. She has 100 repair by default).
  • This is a talking lip sync'd vendor. I went through hundreds of voice files to create a fully interactive vendor, and with an attitude to boot.
  • Vuld is in the top floor of the Bunkhouse in his personal kiosk (that he rents from you).
  • Toggleable light switches for the main level and alcoves.
  • A Toggleable Detox Field for curing all health issues.
  • Standard ingame Alchemy Lab.
  • All Liberty Prime speeches (individually selectable at his station).
  • All of President Eden's speeches (individually selecteable at his radio in the Office Alcove & lootable Holotapes of the same).
  • A Point Lookout display where you can turn on the Lighthouse's Beacon & the Duchess Gambit's Smokestack (models on display).
  • 6x Refined Punga Planters (individually respawn 3 days after being picked).
  • As an elevated overland house, enemies may run under it. Instead of going outside to dispatch them, you can open the floor! (companion safe)
  • All levels are navmeshed to support companions, though they sometimes act a little squirrelly because of non-connected meshing above meshing.
  • All containers are safe (do not respawn) and are keyed not to be pawed through by NPCs.
  • There is a bed/bathroom with the usual furniture, though it's effectively unneeded with these amenities. Still, a Bunk was kinda needed...
  • Doubled the number of snipeable raiders at the native encampment across the street (and included a Vault 101 Spinning Practice Target).
  • Added a 3man Brotherhood patrol behind the Bunkhouse (respawns every 3 Days 1 Hour while away).
  • A bar with a toggleable grill fire (purely for visuals in case you want to throw a steak on).
  • Around the Bunkhouse are signs and messages of hard-to-remember details to assist with acquiring related collectibles/display items.
  • There is also a detailed Info Terminal in the Office alcove.
  • An access ladder was added outside the Citadel to assist with collecting holotags off the two BoS in the nests around the far end. Stay within the outer rails!
  • Tons & Tons of eye candy. Almost thought about renaming this place "Sniper's Hoard".
Things It Does Not Include: (the Hideout did these so well that I felt no need to replicate them)
  • A Teleporter
  • Weapons/Armor/Ammo Displays (except for a few named weapons)
  • Water Purifier - The UH's purifier is a useful complement to my Irradiator.
  • Kitchen/Food Display
  • Produce Planters (except for the Refined Punga needed for the Still)
  • Ammo Press

  • You do not have to visit/complete any of the DLCs to use anything in the Bunkhouse, but you do need all DLC's.
  • The Fallout Script Extender is not needed.
  • Although I feel the Undergound Hideout is a must have, it is not needed. Though how anyone could live without a teleporter I'll never know...
  • Use the NMM downloader/installer button or manually download and extract the ESP and two BSA's into Fallout 3's Data directory.

  • It should go without saying that DanTheGeek was a huge help in the scripting. Most of them I made on my own using prior experience. But some things (like the Vanilla Sorter and the Irradiator) were greatly helped by examining the equivalent UH scripts. So definitely a big thank you to Dan.
  • The one time I got hopelessly stuck and asked for help in the Nexus forums (pausing in scripts), JW1 provided some assistance.
  • A Youtube tutorial by "Awesome Moose Gaming" for holotape creation.
  • A Youtube tutorial by "Qenosa" for refreshing my memory on Vendor character creation.
  • And as always, Bethesda Softworks for Fallout and making the GECK available to us.