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Port of a New Vegas mod that makes glowing ones a light source.

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There are 3 versions, a version where the glow remains after death, one where it does not and a Mart's Mutant Mod version. Only use one of these files, using more than one can cause issues.

This is port of a very simple mod that adds a light source to the Glowing One ghouls. Adds a lot of ambiance to the game when you can see a light in the distance at night or a light in a dark corridor interior.
Also don't forget to endorse the original mod!

Link to original mod:


Install with NMM or FOMM.


EVERYTHING! Except from anything that edits the Glowing One script (can't think of anything that does).

MMM's Glowing ghouls wont glow unless you download the MMM version of this mod. Only use 1 file at a time!


This mod is port of a mod by Drumber although the script was written by Jazzisparis. Any permission to use this mod goes through them.

Programs Used



Bethesda & Obsidian
Drumber for the original mod
Jazzisparis for the Glowing script
Sycokinetic for the MMM version of the mod
MMM for the light removal script