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Changes Bittercup into a companion, with voice and lip-sync.

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Bittercup Companion v1.3

This mod simply changes Bittercup in BigTown into a companion.
If you befriend her you can take her with you on your travels.

She has all of the standard options that every other follower has,
but she won't care if you have other companions or what your karma level is.

She's not set to essential but you can change her essential flag from the Tactics menu.
She auto-heals after combat, just like regular followers.
Her tag skills are Melee, Small Guns and Sneak.

I reused bits of her existing audio for voice in dialogs.
All dialogs have audio with lip-sync.

What is changed:
Modified some dialoge in the BigTown quest so it wont appear if she is your companion.

What isnt changed:
This mod does not change any of the existing companions or the scripts associated with them.

* * *

* News in v1.3 *

Bittercup will now follow you into most house-mods immediately,
and also into some places followers can't normally enter like the OA-bunker.
She will auto fire herself if you enter Vault87 during the MQ,
she will still get stuck inside the Oasis door but will join you the next time you enter any interior.
Replaced one of the idlechats, guess which? I was getting tired of it,
also added a new one.

Added new file: bittercup_waitrelax-1_3
This is an optional esp where Wait = Sandbox mode instead of guard, for those that like the followers relax mod.

Added new file: bittercup_restyled-1_3
I have merged the esp's from Bittercup v1.3 and Bittercup Restyled 1.2.
You need the textures and stuff from both mods for this esp to work.
see http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=2195

* News in v1.2 *

Two minor fixes:
The Sandbox package used for resting had incorrect settings,
if you had problem with Bittercup relaxing at home before, try this update.
Also removed GetRandomPercent from one of the Idle chatter conditions.
Only the esp is changed, no need to reset the mod if you are updating from v1.1.

* News in v1.1 *

Minor update.
Added set home, go home and rest options.
You can now give her a 10mm pistol with unlimited ammo
from the tactics menu if you want.
Added some more audio for the new dialogue choices.

* News in v1.0 *

Bittercup now have lip-sync added to all dialogue!
All voice files have been completely redone from
the source and converted to .ogg which saves a lot of space.
Took the opportunity to add some more Idle chatter.
Also changed the IdleChatter so she won't chatter all the time,
now she should chatter as often as other followers.
Fixed some variables that were not updated correctly.
Removed some conditions in FollowAI-packages.
This might help if you had problems with Bittercup not following
properly after battle sometimes.

I recommend that anyone that use the previous version upgrade to this version.

* News in v0.91 *

More options in the Tactics menu, like setting distance and essential.
Changed smoking behaviour to be the same as on Jericho,
i.e. she only smoke if you give her some cigs.
I put back all her original BigTownAI packages,
not that they are of any use to her if you keep her as companion anyway.
Also Added some idle chatter and more audio to the new dialogue choices.

To install:
Simply unpack the zip-file in your game folder.

* Notice *
If you are upgrading from a previous version
you should remove all the old voice files before installing.
It might also be a good idea to reset the mod.
The easiest way to do that is to uncheck the mod from DataFiles,
load your game and save, then recheck the mod, load your game again
and hire her again.


To uninstall:
delete bittercup_comp.esp
and all voice files in <game folder>\Data\sound\Voice\bittercup_comp.esp<br><br>--------------<br><br>Legal:<br><br>You don't have to ask permission to release your own modifications based on this, but do give proper credit where it is deserved. Drop me a message if you like anyway, it's fun to know where this is beeing used. <br></game>