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About this mod

Vault 691 is a quest mod that takes the player under the Dunwich Building into the long abandoned Dunwich Sewers in search of the the key to unlock Vault 691. Deep under the Dunwich Building, a group of scientists from the Commonwealth found an old corporate vault to use as a headquarters to study the effects of ghoulification on the Dunwich Ghouls

Permissions and credits
Game: Fallout3
Mod Name: Vault 691
Version: 1.4 ESM
Author: Necroflange
Release Date: 11-16-2013
Category: Adventure and Quests


This is my first mod release...So be kind.
Also, I'm not a super computer geek so don't expect a lot of high tech anwsers if things go wrong...
But I have a few friends...

That being said...

Deep under the Dunwich Building, a group of scientists from the Commonwealth found an old private corporate vault (Dunwich Borers, LLC) to use as a headquarters to study the effects of ghoulification on the Dunwich Ghouls... Some how things went terribly wrong.
The main quest leads the player deep into the Dunwich Sewers (a vast network of long abandoned sewer lines), in search of the surviving members of the science team, so he/she can find the key to unlock vault 691.

Sucessful completion gives you a vault type player home near dunwich.

The main quest starts in the parking lot of the Dunwich Building..
A note found on a dead doctor triggers the quest..

This mod offers:

-2 quests
-Fully voiced and lipped NPCs
-A Player home
-Personal vendor
-5 retextured outfits
-2 new melee weapon meshes.....a machete and a Kukri
-2 custom Jukeboxes, with original music from the first 2 bands I was in.
-A few new static meshes from some other projects I'm currently working on.
-Hours of fun and adventure!

-Umpa Animation by Umpa...for some dance animations in the party room.
Without it, girls will not dance to music.

-ArchiveInvalidation Invalidated!

Known issues:
None that I know of...

Just extract to your desktop or where ever...drop the esm and the meshes,textures and sound folders into your Fallout3 data folder... allow for overwrite....make sure Vault 691 is checked in Fomm or your launcher... Make sure ArchiveInvalidation Invalidated is activated..
It is FOMM and NMM friendly.

Remove Vault691.esm from your Fallout3 data folder..and any folders marked "vault691 and vault691.esm" from your meshes, textures, and sound folders


Version 1.4 ESM 11-16-2013

Water, reflections, refractions imagespace and audio.
Voices fixed (leveana's sermon)
Water Treatment Door activation fixed, (it now just unlocks)
Slave collar remover fixed.
Missing Scientists merged.
All feedback on issues addressed.

Version 1.03f

Many fixes and tweaks, smoother faster stronger :)
New quest pointers
Water updated
Creature Scaling to your level or above.
Dialog fixes, feedback addressed.

Version 1_2:
Fixed the file path problem. Went in and deleted the ".esm" off all "Vault 691.esm" Meshes, Textures, and Sound folders...**EXCEPT FOR Data\Sound\vault 691.esm..this one MUST remain ".esm" or there will be no dialog or lip files.
Pluss fixed a couple hardcoded file paths for ...VictoryBanner01.nif..and VictoryBox.nif. With the new files these should work properly now..(Thanx to my man freddy_farnsworth for pointin' this out).

Even if some of you deleted the ".esm" yourselves and did the "quick fix" It is advised to delete all the old "Vault 691.esm" Meshes, Textures and Sound folders and install the the new ones.. Then maybe do a clean save and reinstall.

and that should be that..

Sorry for this inconvenience...


Future plans:
If you guys like this I have plans to expand on the vault 691 story and maybe connect it to some other mods I have started..
As stated above, its a wonder I ever got any of this to work at all with my limited knowledge of computers, so constuctive helpfull critisizm is always flaming please.

Thanks to:
Besthesda = for Fallout 3
Sedden 4494 = for his OUTSTANDING series of geck tutorials on YouTube
Umpa = for his Umpa animation mod
my buddy Greg = for tech support and brainstorming sessions
And my man Freddy_Farnsworth = for extensive editing and production

Tools used:
Blender 2.49b
Gimp 2.6
Geck (of course)

If anyone wishes to use, tweek, fix or otherwise change anything in this mod, please contact me first..
And I'm always down for suggestions, if something could have been done a different or more efficent way, or if I done something wrong or out of etiquette.
drop me a line at:

[email protected]

***NOTE...the skimpy lingere in the screen shots DO NOT come with the Vault 691 Mod.. they are Arcades Nightwear by Arcade. If you don't have Arcades Nightwear installed, then the girls should start out with the vanilla night gowns found in the vanilla game.***

***NOTE...This mod contains adult language..***