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A story-based quest mod. Help Dr. Lesko continue his research. Explore, investigate, solve puzzles. Adds new locations and new reasons to visit old ones.

Permissions and credits

Assist Doctor Lesko with his research into ants. Search for the things he needs and uncover some pre-war stories. A story-based quest.

This is a lore-friendly quest for anyone that likes exploring, investigating and solving puzzles. There are some new places to explore and new reasons to visit old familiar ones. You will need to keep your eyes peeled and your wits about you as this quest does not hold your hand! There are no quest markers and the quest updates are basic, so it's down to you to work out how to proceed.

Starting the Quest

The quest becomes active once THOSE! is completed. Note: completed means completed!

Visit Dr. Lesko in his shack and the quest becomes available via dialogue.

Obviously, Dr. Lesko must be alive!


Just requires the base Fallout3.esm.


The usual stuff. Unzip the file and copy the contents to the respective folders within your Fallout 3 folder. Most of the files are contained within 'DocLeskosResearch' folders, but there are a few creatures that must be copied to the correct creature folders.


Bethesda, of course, for Fallout3. for some sounds.
lostinwhere for help with bug-fixing.
billy1969 for help with bug-fixing.
sieboldii2 for help with bug-fixing

Personal Note

I got a bit bogged down in my main mod, Alien Resurrection, and created this far smaller and simpler mod in the hope of being able to rekindle my enthusiasm and actually produce a finished article! I hope you enjoy it. If you do enjoy it, please remember to endorse, thanks!