Fallout 3

About this mod

Seamless smoking. No additional menus or unneeded extra items. Simply click a cigarette in your inventory (like any other chem) to light it up and enjoy watching your character puff away!

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Ever wished that you could light up and smoke those cigarettes that you find out in the wasteland? How about in a seamless manner, just like how you'd use other chems in the game? Oh, and you also want to see your character smoking too? Well, Light Up & Smoke Those Cigarettes does all that!

Fallout Script Extender is required to start your smoking addiction!

Light Up and Smoke Those Cigarettes is also available for Fallout: New Vegas.


Come across a Carton of Cigarettes or Pack of Cigarettes in the Capital Wasteland? Instead of just selling them for caps, head into the AID section of your Pip-Boy and open those suckers up to retrieve some hard-earned cigarettes for you to enjoy! (Loose cigarettes can also be picked up and used!)

Light up your smokes with a simple click on it in your inventory (complete with brand new sound effects, including a satisfying lighter flick) and see yourself happily puffing away!

Charm the ladies and improve your luck in life by lighting up and smoking those cigarettes!


Cigarettes are now as easy to use as Jet, Psycho, or any other chem in the Fallout world. There are no additional items or menus you have to fiddle with, simply click to light up a cigarette and enjoy!

Not all of the cartons or packs of cigarettes you find are pristine. For variety and balance reasons, the amount of cigarettes and packs you find in packs and cartons (respectively) is based on your Luck stat. The higher your luck, the more likely you'll find 2-4 cigarettes/packs in a pack/carton. Otherwise, with lower luck, you'll typically get 1-2 cigarettes/packs, but still have a chance to get more on a lucky 'roll'. When you unpack a carton or pack, you'll drop an empty carton/pack at your feet.

On top of this, there is a chance of finding an extra pack when you unpack a carton or a "lucky cigarette" when you open a pack. This chance is also determined entirely by your Luck points. A lucky cigarette gives you +1 to LCK in addition to regular cigarette effects (CHR+1 and AGL +1).

Using a cigarette from the AID section of your inventory will automatically add and equip a visible lit Cigarette on your character. You may only smoke one cigarette at a time.

A lit cigarette takes about 3 minutes to burn down completely. A subtle burn-out sound effect will play and a message will appear when you are finished smoking your cigarette. You will also drop a cigarette butt at your feet.

Tobacco will cause you to receive the following temporary bonuses: CHR +1, AGL +1.

There is a chance of addiction when smoking cigarettes. This adds a new addiction to the game called "Tobacco Addiction". Tobacco Addiction causes CHR -1, END -1, PER -1. Visiting any doctor or detoxifying at home can remove this addiction.


My cigarettes still show up in the miscellaneous section of my Pip-Boy! I can't use the cigarettes!

Typically, if you find cigarettes/packs/cartons in the miscellaneous section of your inventory, it means another mod is overriding this one. My first recommendation to anyone who has issues is to keep this mod at the bottom of your load order.

My cigarettes are not positioned correctly in my character's mouth!

The cigarette can appear misaligned on certain player models. There's unfortunately no way to account for all character models when concerning cigarette positioning as it is linked to a bone on the character model, and depending on how you modified your characters face, it can appear misaligned.

However, modifying the cigarette position is an easy fix that you can do yourself. View the instructions below:

1. Open the 'cigarettenosmoke.nif' file in the 'Data/meshes/smoking_edisleado' folder with NifSkope.
2. Change the X translation number to move the cigarette model up and down. Make sure to save over the original file. View the screenshot below:

3. Close NifSkope.
4. Open up the game and confirm that the cigarette appears in the right position on your character model. Experiment to make it fit your character model.

My 'Nicotine Addiction' is not showing up in my Pip-Boy!

Try removing the Nicotine Addiction by typing 'player.removespell XX0022BE" (XX is the load order number of this mod) into your console to remove the addiction. Save. Restart the game. Smoke up until you get addicted again and it should show up. If not, rinse and repeat. In any case, your character's stats will still be affected by the addiction.