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Did you ever think the robots in D.C needed a face lift? This is for you. Actually, this is for you no matter what!

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Robot Revolution
An HD Retexture Project by OpenSaucer

Wait, what?

Yeah, pretty much. I recently reinstalled Fallout 3, and as the quality-obsessed maniac that I am,
it wasn't long before the low-res robot textures started bugging me, most of all the Protectron.
Therefore, I decided to re-texture it, and here we are. A 2048x re-texture of the Protectron.

That's not all though. I quickly noticed how no one had ever done a proper hi-res texture
for any of the robots! I couldn't believe it. So I decided to take that noble quest upon me.
There really isn't a lot more to say about this, so keep an eye out for my other re-textures!

So, what's next?

All the other robots in Fallout 3. Yes. All of them. No, not just some of them.


The Easy Way™

  • Install Nexus Mod Manager
  • Go to the Files tab and click "Download with Manager"
  • Once downloaded, install with manager

The Also Quite Easy, But Not As Easy Way™

  • IDownload the zip file
  • Open it with WinRar or 7zip or whatever the hell piece of software you prefer
  • Drag the "data" folder into your Fallout 3 / Fallout 3 goty folder

If you dont' know how, use the Nexus Mod Manager.

Questions You Might Ask Answered Before You Ask

Q: Can I convert your texture to work on New Vegas?
A: No, you cannot. If I want this to work on New Vegas,
I'll do it myself.

Q: Can I rip parts of your texture for my own texture?
A: It depends, ask me first. You can study my texture
all you want, I would be glad to help an aspiring
texture artist. Download the source file, it's a
photoshop file that contains ALL the layers
I had when I was done texturing, before
I merged them.

Q: Will your texture overwrite anything?
A: Most likely not. I haven't seen any other
re-textures of the Fallout 3 robots,
but obviously if you have one installed,
it will overwrite.