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Lone Wanderer ENB will enhance the sense of visual immersion and gameplay. Powered by ENB .161 and SweetFX. Prepass modifications and original tweaks done by Kyo and Midhras. Revive your game and travel the wasteland as the Lone Wanderer.

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Lone Wanderer ENB will enhance the sense of visual immersion and gameplay.

Powered by ENB .161 it uses sun glares, palette based color corrections, bloom, SMAA, SSAO, Indirect lighting, and detailed shadows.

Post processing is done with SweetFX. This adds anti-aliasing, Lumasharpen, HDR, DPX, Tonemapping, Vibrance, LiftGammaGain, Dither and Curves .

Additionally, the prepass effects have modifications and original tweaks from Kyo and Midhras. These prepass effects bring you tilt-shift, chromatic aberration, sharpening, film grain noise, advanced focus, and bokeh blur with multiple offsets.

Two key characteristics are more realistic colors and depth of lighting. A goal that will continue to be developed is customization. Many variables are being worked on to give the user a chance to adjust this mod to their taste.

Revive your game and travel the wasteland as the Lone Wanderer.

Hope by Kaldaar

by Kaldaar
Visit Kaldaar's Minus page, Using Lone Wanderer ENB

Fallout New Vegas 2013 by kaldaar
Visit Kaldaar's Minus page, sneak peek of Lone Wanderer ENB in Fallout New Vegas

Visit My Flickr page, Using Lone Wanderer ENB

Pics by Macintroll (with Lone Wanderer ENB using ENB .160)

Wasteland .160

Haley's Hardware


******************* SIMPLE INSTALL ***********************

Download ENB .161 from http://enbdev.com/download_mod_falloutnv.htm. All you will need from this download is the d3d9.dll from the wrapper folder. Backup any original d3d9 in your main fallout folder and then overwrite with this one.

***NOTE-- I have not changed the read me text in the mod yet- please note the above ENB version and an update for the mod will occur soon that will include read me corrections.

Place entire contents of my mod folder into you main fallout folder. Overwrite if necessary.

You may have to erase your RendererInfo located within My Documents/My Games/Fallout3 folder and also back-up your Fallout.ini and FalloutPrefs.ini found there also. Start your game from the Fallout Launcher in the main FO3 folder on your computer, then it will load shaders correctly. If all is well and you have a modded ini then go ahead and replace the new Fallout.ini and FalloutPrefs.ini with the ones you had saved.

BE SURE to have all anti aliasing off in game and wherever else found. No Overlays.

*If you feel you need more info please be sure to read through Midhras' well detailed page with his ENB here There is a mountain of good info there.

It would be good of course to SAVE YOUR CURRENT SET-UP in case you would like to uninstall and revert back to your original set up.

******************** Bugs and Known Issues **********************

There is a bug or glitch that when facing the sun the screen turns very dark.. It has been my experience that if it happens at startup just turn camera away from sun for half a minute or so and the same for when it happens in early mornings.
No doubt this will be fixed at some point.

I am also resolving some issues regarding blur being placed on character when in 3'rd person -

Updates will occur when I get any thing in this section fixed.

******************* Recommended Mods **************************

My list of recommended mods that are available here at Nexus:

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RH_IronSights - FOSE by Rogue Hallow - http://fallout3.nexusmods.com/mods/6938
Omegared99 - ENB First Person Transparency Fix by Omegared99

************************* Thanks To ***************************

Primary credit goes to Midhras for his amazing workmanship and being the catalyst for this project.
Thanks to Boris Vorontsov for bringing his ENB series to us all.
Thanks to CeeJay.dk for SuiteFX Shader Suite.
Thanks to MRDeathKill for helping at every turn.
Big thanks to my key testers for the help (Macintroll, Kaldaar, Schmoops9)

And Much thanks to my friends here at Nexus who took the time to give me a hand. Without your input this probably wouldn't have happened.