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Adds base on the moon with a few short quests. I really suck at promoting and describing things.. play the mod to find out :) If someone could sum up this mod and give a description that would be great also :P

Permissions and credits

- Description -

Adds base on the moon with a few short quests.
I really suck at promoting and describing things.. play the mod to find out :)
If someone could sum up this mod and give a description that would be great also :P

- Quests -

Potential spoilers below

-- Main quests --

Another day at the office - the main quest that sets up the moon base. Will start automatically after completing "elsewhere..."

Fly me to the moon - the second quest starting immediately after another day at the office, gets you to the command hub on the moon.

The welcome party - fend off the attack then you can choose to end the quest there or go on a longer quest where during the quest gives you the option to end it early also.

-- Side quests --

Research project bubble shield - A short quest that rewards you with a portable sphere shield to fend off attacks from enemies if you choose to complete the project.

Research project remote sentrybot - A short quest that rewards you with a sentrybot follower where you can assume direct control over via a remote control if you choose to complete the project.

Unexpected visitors - Available after completing both research projects quests (does not matter how you completed it). Decide whether to destroy or keep the warpgate after an attack.

Glitch in the system - Can be done at any time by entering the simulation pod. A \"glitch\" happens and the player has to make their way through a platform jump scene to reach the mainframe and escape. After completing, this unlocks the simulation pod for \"proper use\".

To tame a Chimera - Can be done once the simulation pod is operational again. Attack a enemy base to capture a Chimera tank left over from the great war.

-- Current activities --

Urban combat simulation - Pits you and a team of your own (non follower) against a respawning team of enemy units. Fight until you get bored.

Base defence combat simulation - Defend your position from endless assaults from Chinese forces with your fellow Americans.

Sword fight arena simulaion - Watch or participate in melee sword fights in the arena and challenge yourself to 1 on 1 combat.

Swampland survival simulation - Survive against waves of increasing amount of enemies and purchase supplies and hire survivors with resource points earned from enemy kills.

Black ghost simulation - For all those sniper type, find your vantage point and time your shots. One shot one kill.

Capturing Wasteland inhabitants - There is a prison complex on the moon where you can pick up the stun pistol and stun baton to capture high value targets who are deemed to valuable to kill.

- Story -

After the Artemis team landed on the moon and were teleported to the underwater base, the Olympus did a thorough and in-depth scan of the moon. Scans picked up a strange element that was not recorded in any database.

The military always wanted to have a fall back position in-case the Olympus was attacked and fell. The Moon seemed like an ideal place for this base as it was far enough from the wasteland but close enough to still remain in contact with Earth.

Dr Nylus and Brigadier Karpov proposed a joint scientific and military operation to colonize the moon to Harkin, who passed on the message to the Supreme Commander for the final decision.

- Bugs/Issues -

-- Using the prison capture devices may sometimes cause game to crash when teleporting prisoners, save often.

-- The visor tint feature seems to have broken

- Compatibility -

The only changes made to existing cells is in the Commanders office and in the main hangars.

- Requirements -

Mothership Zeta Crew

- Release Info

v0.5 Beta - First release

v0.51 Beta - the released esm file did not work as intended, a new esp version has now taken its place.

v0.52 Beta - hopefully fixed the bug where the welcome party quest keeps crashing when trying to finish it and NPCs will now change to appropriate attire when "inside"

v0.53 Beta - turns out v0.52 did not fix the crash bug, hopefully I have finally found the root cause and have now fixed it.

v0.60 Beta - Hopefully fixed the problem where the visor tint kept popping up. Some minor fixes to scripts and added the sword fight arena simulation

v0.61 Beta - Fixed some menu typos and the cause of crashing when hovering over the white and possibly the prisoner jumpsuit

v0.62 Beta - Allowed continuation of "Fly me to the moon" quest for those who crash when in the shuttle, simply coc militarycompound when objective "visit the moon base" is displayed, quest should update automatically. Added swampland survival and black ghost simulation

- Credits and thanks -

- First of all I would like to say thanks to Bethesda for making the game and the GECK

- flamenx01 - Meshes and textures for alot of things

- Moraelin - Arming swords and weapons of the shogunate

- Werne - Arabic Curved Sword resource

- khar_loz - Historical Sword (Calvary Sabre)

- Alpha and Pre-Beta testers - finding bugs, glitches and suggesting awesome and useful ideas