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Chosen Mod of the Month for August 2012.
Return to where it all begins.

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File of the Month - August 2012

Translated into an official Russian version here by hombre1984
House features:
  • Expanded bathroom.
  • Sink with running water.
  • 'The Cube' - a sittable, flushable; toilet.
  • Along with a fillable, sittable bathtub.
  • Expanded bedroom with double bed.
  • Window with a view to the outside with blinds that can be raised and lowered.
  • Private balcony off the bedroom with a view of 'downtown' from Moriarty's to the front gate.
  • Second floor catwalk area includes two more beds, a line of clothing lockers, and a communications cubby with desk. The ham radio will pull in Agatha's station once that quest is completed (untested).
  • Cast iron fireplace with a door that opens and closes by way of the iron poker (the door could be hot don't cha know) - and a fire that lights of course.
  • Couches that will also sleep two.
  • Expanded kitchen with built-in sink .. also has the water feature.
  • Large skylight.
  • Relocks on two of the interior doors. These doors must be physically open at the time the relock is activated to function.
  • A hidden armory which contains the requisite workbench and marked storage for most (I think all) vanilla weapon categories and ammunition. Unmarked spaces available for non-vanilla.
  • A locked front hall closet. (See spoiler in FAQS below or the next to last picture - unless you'd rather discover for yourself what that's all about.)
With over 50 activators affecting your control over lights, fireplace, candles, kitchen and bathroom utilities, ammo and weapon storage, window blinds, and more - this home is as interactive as I could make it and one where you should feel like you're an integral part of the space .. instead of just using that space for sleep and storage. Did I mention this will sleep six in beds and has tons of safe storage as well? (Garbage cans are not safe and are marked 'respawning' in hopes they'll be emptied once in a while.)

Essentials (Location, keys, notes; mod requirements):
  • Located just to the left of the main gate as you come into town as in the "player house" location.
  • The house key is obtained from Lucas Simms upon completion of "The Power of the Atom" diffusing the bomb. If you blew it up, what are you doing here? Two other keys are used inside. The key to the armory is in a coffee can which sits high on a shelf by the kitchen sink. The front hall closet key is in the safe in the armory.
  • There are two notes inside which shed some light on how the house came to be outfitted and may also present an interesting and, I think, feesable take on the main story line. Your free to consider the possibilities if you wish..or not.
  • There are no mod or game expansions required for your use of 'Megaton Return'.. though I consider Fellout by Hattix as essential to the light and color in my mods as any prerequisite could be.

FAQS along with possible and definite issues (Important - read this part before you post an issue of your own in comments. Chances are it's already been addressed here.):
  • The home upgrades available from Moira are not only unnecessary but are quite useless and a waste of your caps if you're using this mod.
  • If you save your game while inside the house - upon returning to the game and that particular save you may find the lighting is out of sync with the time of day and/or the weather conditions. If that happens correct it by simply stepping through one of the doors to the outside then returning inside.
  • Any mod that you've installed which affects the exterior lighting will also have an overall effect in this house. When it gets dark during inclement weather outside it will inside as well.. which in my mind is fairly realistic assuming the house has windows to the outside as this one does.
  • Companions may act strangely or not act much at all initially, though Kelsey and Jessi settled in very quickly. Give 'em a little time to adjust. They typically require a day or two game time to settle into a freshly introduced mod. Also re: companions - they are capable of partaking of any foodstuff in the house as I placed no ownership on it so they could do just that.
  • You already own the player house - how to proceed: Get yourself and all you want to keep out of it and then save your game before installing this mod. The key you already have in your possession will work for 'Megaton Return' once it's installed.
  • If, however, you are in possession of a different MODDED version of this home and wish to try this one - do a clean save first. Unsure as to how to do that? Give me a pm and I'll be glad to walk you through it or will post it in the comments if enough ask.
  • Will this conflict with other Megaton mods not directly related to the player house? / Mods created for the same world space generally don't play well together. The game will crash on startup if you have 'More2Megaton' I know. Use that one or this one - not both together. 'Megaton Lighting Overhaul', 'Megaton Park', 'Megaton Contracts', 'Megaton Walkway', and my own 'Megaton Jail' have all been tested with this mod and work fine. Others you might have you'll just have to try. I won't be playing the Patch Game.
  • What about the bobblehead stand and Wadsworth? / What about 'em? You can't mean .. bring 'em back? Hope that answers your question.
  • The activator for the sliding door between the bedroom and bath does not move with the door so you must activate closing and opening at the same location...just something to get used to.
  • Your "Heavy Metal" sword was switched to two-handed and you didn't remake the sword to go with the animation. / I don't make weapons, or animations, or much of anything for that matter...I just mess with what's there. I do know I generally don't like the look of two handed swords when worn on the back - they're typically HUGE. I did this for the look when worn...but, hey, it still lops heads with the best of them too.
  • (Closet Spoiler - do you really want to read this?) Are the stages on the transporter fixed so they're sequential? / I didn't work that out but they're labelled sequentially for a natural progression of light and sound. And just to play along - on returning I typically shut them down in reverse order. Re: destinations - when you get there, don't forget where you 'parked the car'. The return portal is invisible. (Comparison travel to Rivet City: by game's fast travel - 3 hours have passed / by transporter - 3 minutes game time has expired.)

Discovered something amiss that you don't see listed above? - please post in the comment section and I'll address it there. Please be aware that any updates I might make would be for corrections and not changes for change sake. This mod comes with an "as is" seal of my approval.
Yes, of course it's been navmeshed, and yes, it has been cleaned with FO3Edit. I just removed that program's esm flag so you could place the mod anywhere you like in your load order.

  • Save your game before installing this or any new mod as a fallback position in case something doesn't agree with your particular mod list.
  • Unzip the download and install meshes and textures files along with the esp into your Fallout3/Data folder any way you choose (but NMM will do it for you without any hassle). Toggle archive invalidation (a must-do step since textures are involved). Checkmark this mod in your list of active mods.
  • To uninstall - remove the g62 file in both the meshes and textures folders along with the Megaton Return.esp. (And why aren't you using the Nexus Mod Manager? It'll do this too with a simple double click.)

Thanks to:
  • Bethesda for creating this classic game and opening it up to the modding community
  • The fallout3nexus for being a terrific hosting site
  • To Kelsey and Jessi - two companions created by Loxy who frequently participate in my screenshots, test my navmesh, and join me on adventures. Love 'em. It was like old homeweek having them around again.
  • FO3Edit by ElminsterAU for cleaning up after me
  • The easy to follow Fallout3 Training Manual for FO3Edit by Miax
  • Mayang's Textures for a great free texture resource. In game they are best viewed on the 'Large' texture setting in your video options and are just okay at 'Medium'.
  • And for the tools used: The G.E.C.K.
  • The Easy2Convert JPG to DDS program - great for noobs like me
  • DirectDraw Surface - DDS Viewer 3.2 - good for use in conjunction with the above program
  • JASC's Paint Shop Pro

and last, but certainly not least, to you for your interest, your download, and for leaving me the benefit of your valued feedback. Know that I appreciate it very much.


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