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On map you may see every small house, every road and all other thing .

Permissions and credits
On map you may see every small house, every road and all other thing .

Used materials from:
ORWIC by worm82075
Custom Vector Maps v3 by Xiphos

Color differentiations of icons:
Red - potentially danger places
Blue - metro stations
Yellow - populated places
White - Pre-war structures
Green - sewer and land places
Gray - undiscovered places

Better use with white color of PIP-BOY.

1. Extract files , place folder Textures to Fallout 3/Data directory .
2. Check bInvalidateOlderFiles=1 in FALLOUT.INI at Fallout 3 folder in MY Documents/my games
3. Check if Archiveinvalidation.txt is already in Fallout3 folder, if found edit and add lines:

textures/interface/icons/world map/icon_map_cave.dds
textures/interface/icons/world map/icon_map_city.dds
textures/interface/icons/world map/icon_map_encampment.dds
textures/interface/icons/world map/icon_map_factory.dds
textures/interface/icons/world map/icon_map_metro.dds
textures/interface/icons/world map/icon_map_military.dds
textures/interface/icons/world map/icon_map_monument.dds
textures/interface/icons/world map/icon_map_natural_landmark.dds
textures/interface/icons/world map/icon_map_office.dds
textures/interface/icons/world map/icon_map_ruins_sewer.dds
textures/interface/icons/world map/icon_map_ruins_town.dds
textures/interface/icons/world map/icon_map_ruins_urban.dds
textures/interface/icons/world map/icon_map_settlement.dds
textures/interface/icons/world map/icon_map_undiscovered.dds
textures/interface/icons/world map/icon_map_vault.dds

Uninstall icons:
-delete folder *\"Fallout 3"\data\textures\interface\icons\world map
-delete lines from Archiveinvalidation.txt
Uninstall map:
-delete file *\"Fallout 3"\data\textures\interface\worldmap\wasteland_1024_no_map.dds
-delete lines from Archiveinvalidation.txt