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Weather, lighting, effects and immersion features.

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October 2012

I have now retired from modding. Thank you to everybody who has supported and encouraged me.

F3Project Reality MkI is now available! The inspiration behind this mod is to bring the real-world to Fallout, and to make our wasteland experience even more immersive.
Project Reality MkI is initially a weather, lighting, visual effects and immersion features mod which was built using real world data. There is an option menu available in your pip-boy which allows you to define the mods settings.

- Over 30 meticulously crafted weather systems each with dynamic variations throughout it's cycle
- Weather Cycles (Pleasant, Rainy, Cloudy, Foggy, Windy & Nuclear Winter) which can be enabled/disabled in a cycle
- Realistic sky visuals with full multi-layered dynamic clouds
- Rain & Snow visuals
- Thunderstorms with realistic fork lightning visuals

- Optimized real-world lighting and color based on real-world data
- Realistic nights with a dusting of moonlight
- Vivid neon lights


- Heat Haze effect to simulate scorching hot weather
- Eye Adapt Effect which simulates the amount of light our eyes receive.
- Motion Blur
- Indoor, outdoor weather and immersion sound effects.

- Radioactive Rain with various levels of severity. Warning come via old air-raid sirens.
- 'The Dark Wasteland'. The DC Bell tolls at midnight to usher in the dark. There are 3 levels of night to choose.

F3 Project Reality MkII coming 2012: Including Dynamic Shadows & Godrays
I've began development of 'Project Reality: Tamriel Skies' for Skyrim. This will be a weather and lighting mod. Once I've completed that then it'll be full steam ahead finishing MkII.

Project Reality: Tamriel Skies.

F3 Project Reality MkI requires the Fallout3 master file to work. The mod works with all DLC's.
Compatible with all visual mods. Previous visual mod settings may have to be adapted as Project Reality re-designs the games base colours.
It is not compatible with other weather mods. F3 Project Reality works beautifully with HDR or without HDR.

Mod requires Archive Invalidation Invalidated.

Extract the F3ProjectRealityMkI rar into your Fallout3 DATA folder and enable the mod.


Delete the plugin. Also delete the F3NV folders in the texture/meshes and sound folders. Simple as that.


Bethesda and Obsidian for making the Fallout games
My beautiful Lynn, for her time, patience, faith and support
Commander_Tak for some great logo work and support
MisterHamper, Sharpshooter8, Jeo, Gopher, MGE & Karl313 for great support & encouragement

I used GIMP 2.6, The GECK, FO3Edit and Sony Acid Pro 7 to make this mod.