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Hack those turrets! Make them work for YOU!

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Don't you just hate how the only option that allows you to make turrets fight your enemies... also makes them hostile to you? Well then, this is the mod for you!

Now in two flavors!

Improved Turret Reprogramming:

Alters the whole "Clear targeting data" thing. Instead, you simply reprogram the targeting data. It should seamlessly replace that one option.

Improved Turret Hacking:

Adds a new option: to alter the targeting data. This is a skill-based check. I made the checks for altering targeting data 15 above the original skill required, except for Hard and Very Hard levels. I did not want to make Very Hard impossible, so I lowered Hard by 5 to balance out the numbers.

Turret Console Science Skill Required:
Very Easy - 15
Easy - 40
Average - 65
Hard - 85
Very Hard - 100

If you don't have the required skill level, it will tell you how much you need, IE: Insufficient Skill. (15 Science Required)

As a minor change, this mod renames the option to reprogram turrets to "Clear Targeting Data" to clarify the difference.

If you run into any turrets that don't work properly for ANY reason at all, please let me know.

If a turret claims that its data has been cleared even though you haven't hacked it yet, the turret either has a TurretFrenzy script assigned or its targeting sensor is damaged. Either way, these turrets are not supposed to be reprogrammable.

I have been unable to make it so that a turret with its data cleared can then be turned to your side. The way that this is done will not reverse, so I don't make it an option.

One of the things that -may- happen is that the turrets will become friendly to you but not attack their previous owners. I went through every faction I could find who owned turrets that you could reprogram, but I may have missed some. They all SHOULD attack their owners when reprogrammed. If they don't, let me know

Also, the terminal options might work the old way for some. I went through every terminal I could find and changed them all, but I may have missed some. If I did, let me know.

This is 100% compatible with xenors' Improved Turrets: http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=1623

An alternative take, requiring Robotics Expert to reprogram the turrets, would be StewB's Turret Terminal Revamp: http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=7497


Each DLC ESP is a "patch." Use the BASE first, then any patches for DLCs you have. If you have all three DLCs, use the ALL ESP.

You MUST have, by some means, moved the DLC in question to your Data folder.

Version History:

0.1: Improved Turret Reprogramming released.
0.2: Improved Turret Hacking released.
1.0: Lack of problems reported, so out of Beta!
1.1: Daisy-chained turrets should now be able to be reprogrammed properly.
1.2: Frenzied turrets should properly show as having had their data cleared, even if the frenzy is through damage and not programming. Two left-out terminals have now been modified.
1.3: Minor bug fixed in daisy-chained turrets. Minor bug fixed where turrets might, under some circumstances, attack Brotherhood of Steel people. Added a message when you don't have the required skill to hack a turret, to avoid confusion.
1.4: Coding reworked a bit. Should hopefully require fewer updates from now on. Also works with Anchorage, fixed minor bug in Fort Bannister.
1.5: Added support for Broken Steel, The Pitt, and Point Lookout. (Other DLCs were already fine) Minor behind the scenes fix.