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Stops Sudden-Death Overtime running on the spot for all eternity!

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Sudden-Death Overtime:

"I like these guys. They let me play with their pucks." - Centre Dubois, 2277 AD

Another small fix for a minor but irritating bug.

Sudden-Death Overtime are a crazy team of would be hockey players encountered outside the Red Racer Factory during The Nuka-Cola Challenge quest if you find the Nuka-Cola Clear Formula.

If you sell the Nuka-Cola Clear Formula to them they will run to the Nuka-Cola Factory & that's where the problem starts.

Once in the Factory all three members will perpetually run on the spot with weapons drawn.

Rather immersion breaking & a sad end to a comical trio.

This mod allows everything to play out the same, except once Sudden-Death Overtime reaches the Nuka-Cola Factory they will now chill out & wander about even sit & relax.

I've tried to alter as little as possible, I have bumped up the team's Base Health as it seemed pointless for them to move about naturally only to be slaughtered by a Nuka Cola Robot! They are also much more likely to survive the run from Red Racer to Nuka Cola.

This mod will work If you haven't encountered Sudden-Death Overtime yet or if you've already sold the Nuka-Cola Clear Formula to them & they survived the trip to the Nuka-Cola Factory.

There is also a bug in vanilla Fallout 3 that means Goalie Ledoux will remain at the Red Racer Factory when his team mates head to The Nuka-Cola Factory.

This bug is fixed by a tweaked script in The Unofficial Fallout 3 Patch.

If you don't use The Unofficial Fallout 3 Patch, don't worry I've included that tweaked script into this mod.

I quote from The Unofficial Fallout 3 Patch Readme:

"Q: I'd like to use one of the Unofficial Fallout 3 Patch's fixed meshes\textures ect. & base my changes on it, is that alright?

A: Sure is! credit isn't necessary but always nice."

So a big Thank-You Kindly to Quarn & that monumental work to improve Fallout 3, The Unofficial Fallout 3 Patch:


It contains tons of fixes to Fallout 3 like this & much, much more. I highly recommend it.

Version History:

1.1 Fixed an issue where Ledoux would still stay behind when his team mates ran off, applied the UF3P fix properly this time.

Anyone who was already using the UF3P will not have noticed any problems & don't need to re-download.


Installation instructions

Manual Version:

Unzip the archive & drop the Data folder into your Fallout 3 folder.

Remember to tick "They let me play with their pucks!.esp" in either FOMM or Fallout 3 Data files.

No more running on the spot for Sudden-Death Overtime!

FOMOD version:

Fallout Mod Manager (FOMM) is required for this version:


Unzip the archive & double click on:

They let me play with their pucks!.fomod

The FOMOD will open in FOMM's Package Manager, left click on They let me play with their pucks! & select Activate on the right. When that's done, close Package Manager & FOMM's main window.

No more running on the spot for Sudden-Death Overtime!

Tools used: FO3Edit & FOMM

Thanks to Bethesda for a fantastic game!