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Some new unique guns to your FO3 armory

Permissions and credits
Name:(Unique Guns Arsenal Mod)
Version: 1.0a
Date: 8/8/ 2011
Tag: Weapons
Requirements: Fallout3 patch 1.6

First of all the proper credits go to Blind Shooter and Bunsaki for their awesome AR20 Futuristic Rifles Modder`s Resourse http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=16527
which I used for my mod.


The mod adds three unique rifles and the light machine gun.

Type 79 Chinese Automatic Sniper Rifle
Ammo: 308
Skill "Guns"
Automatic Fire
20 rounds clip
Damage is comparable to Reservist Rifle but do not think it is overpowered - it uses a lot of ammo so that you won`t be able to shoot everything in the Wastelands
Repair Weap Chinese AR

"Paloma" Sniper Rifle
Ammo 308
Skill "Guns"
10 rounds clip
Damage 50
Repair Weap Sniper Rifles

M79 "Linda-Para" Light Machine Gun
Ammo: 5mm
Skill "Guns"
Automatic Fire
45 rounds clip
Damage as weap minigan has
Repair American AR

"Redeye" Laser Rifle
Ammo Electronic Charge Pack
Skill "Energy Weapons"
15 rounds clip
Damage is comparable to A3 -21 Plasma Rifle
Repair Laser Rifles


Look for the box with the rifles inside in the Tenpenny Tower penthouse suits

I intended to suggest my mod for players who likes to play with Mart Mutant Mod or other mods which sustantially increase the number and strength of the mobs. But I can`t say my weapons are overpowered. They are meant to be the sort of unique weapons not more)))

Also I recommend to use any bullpup animation mods with my one


- copy files of downloaded archive in your FO3 Data Folder. Let them overwrite if asked
- put the checkmark to Arsenal.esp in OBMM or launcher
- play

- delete files connected to mod

Bugs and conflicts:
haven`t been found yet


Thanks to Bethesda for creating Fallout 3 and GECK.
Thanks to Blind Shooter for FPSBanana skins and models.
Thanks to Bunsaki for FO3 adaptation
Thanks to Sandraniks for her help
Thanks for YOU downloading this content

All assets of the mod are taken from free-to-use modder resource. So that feel free to use my mod as you wish without my permission. Just credit Bunsaki and Blind Shooter for their brilliant work and sharing.