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A very simple fix to stop the Super-Duper Mart checkouts from bleeding when shot.

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The Super-Duper Mart checkout model had an incorrect material setting so that when the ingame versions were shot, they would bleed.

The effect was rather creepy!

The bug is even mentioned at the Fallout wiki:


I had never found a fix for it anywhere else so I decided to make one myself.

I've modified the grocerycheckout01.nif to be wood material & thus look normal when shot.

A very small thing I know but intended for people who, like me, are bothered by such things.


Installation instructions

Manual Version:

Unzip the archive & drop the Data folder into your Fallout 3 folder, clicking yes to overwrites.

No more spooky bleeding checkouts!

FOMOD version:

Fallout Mod Manager (FOMM) is required for this version:


Unzip the archive & double click on:

Super-Duper Non Bleeding Checkout.fomod

The FOMOD will open in FOMM's Package Manager, left click on Super-Duper Non Bleeding Checkout & select Activate on the right. When that's done, close Package Manager & FOMM's main window.

No more spooky bleeding checkouts!

Tools used: Nifskope & FOMM

Thanks to Bethesda for a fantastic game!