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19 weapons, 3 unique weapons, 13 armors, 4 helmets, 2 hats, and 1 mask. Soon to be a full blown faction.

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Sorry guy but my support for this mod will be somewhat limited from now on.



from the journal of John 'Opportunity' Knox, Regulators (retired), on the D.C. Rangers;

".................Wrathful Avengers, Righteous Vigilantes, Merciless Protectors.

Those who have had the opportunity (or misfortune as the case may be), to have seen a Ranger pass sentence, and execute punishment, know that these labels may come the closest to describing the paradox of the D.C. Rangers as any other. These are NOT the paperdoll N.C.R. Rangers of the Mojave, despite the roots these 'Indpendent Rangers' have within that organization, these men are the sweeping long arm of the law, truly.

I have had opportunity, on several occasions, to travel with these people. Different ranger every time. However, each one, if it were possible, was harder than the last and more brutal in delivering punishment than the last. I still wake up in almost a blind panic whenever I dream about Rickard dismembering that rapist, smiling that sick, satisfied grin of his as his combat knife inched it's way up each finger and toe, knuckle by knuckle. When he ran out of fingers and toes it was on to ankles, knees, wrists, elbows all in turn. Rickard just tightened the tourniquet a little more every time ......... by the end of it I swear I was standing in 3 inch puddles of blood.

Now I aint some weak kneed girl. I was a Regulator for a good 15 years, which is about 8 years more than the good ones last. I took my share of fingers, and saw things that would turn most white as a Tenpenny bed sheet. You learn to look with hard eyes, and steel yourself to the horror of it, if even for a time. I'll be damned if I didn't squirm as I watched Rickard go on with his grisly work.

D.C. Rangers prey on those that prey on the weak and innocent, often favoring a certain method of dispatch over the rest, usually the more savage and disturbing, the more preferred. I've heard of ones that will even copy cat the bastards they are hunting. Roasting cannibals alive over a fire with a brahmin spit for example. This is becomes the calling card of the individual. A little note to all other wannabes to say;

"This is the consequence. This is your fate."

They let nothing stand in their pursuit, and punish those who do as criminals themselves. But they are sworn to follow a certain path of virtue and justice, and never harm the weak or innocent, however twisted the sense of honor. Half the ones I've met are a stones throw from the lot they're chasing, but are lawful men, and once their word is given they stick to it as if breaking will mean the death of them.



This has resulted from a severe lack of male armors on the Nexus, and my own desire to try to make 'my' armor. After stumbling around in nifskope for what seemed like countless hours I finally gave up .... uninstalled the game, and continued on my merry way. I caved in about a month back and ventured out into the waste again, and found myself installing nifskope once more. To my surprise I things seemed to make a little more sense. So .... a few more hours in nifskope and here we are. These armors will work for females as well, however, for the most part they are set to the male nif files since this is my first real attempt at anything like this as far as the armors go.


* Oct. 9/2011 it's come to my attention that I forgot to place some Mini-Missiles for the Lamprey in one of the boxes ...... that is now fixed, and here is the console code for the ammo just in case you run out XX006bf6. I've also done away with the MK II 10mm pistol and instead opted to make it a 10mm Magnum :) Happy Turkey Day (I'm Canadian)
* Oct. 7/2011 I've uploaded a new master file and item generator esp file in one archive. The new version should fix the texture issues, and adds 2 unique weapons (pistol and a shotgun) as well as a mk. II version of the 10 mm pistol and an assault shotgun. Ruadhan2300 has been kind enough to let me port his fabulous Lamprey Mini-Missile Launcher over to FO3 for my mod. Big thanks to him. There is also an optional file in the file section with the new Skirmisher Helmet. This is based off the chinese stealth helmet so it will require Operation Anchorage, therefore I've uploaded it as a seperate ESP file. As for the new shotguns ..... when you equip them i've noticed the left hand slips through the gun a bit, but after you shoot it once the hands straightens out to it's normal position .. .no idea why this is ...... if anyone knows please feel free to tell me.
* Sept. 28/2011 Ok I've uploaded a FIX file for the textures ..... download and overwrite the existing textures.
* Sept. 28/2011OK a new retex is available in the optional files section. It's a retex of Nollemaster's Personal Vertibird mod. Your personal vertibird now sports the D.C. Ranger look. ;) Found out that the uploaded DDS files have some issues so I'll be uploading a fix or new file by the end of today. This was caused when I went through and tweaked most the textures to increase detail (my first attempt at doing so). Some of the files must have saved wrongly.

- Fallout 3
- Archive Invalidation (if you have texture issues I'll ask if you have this first)
- NO DLC REQUIRED! However if you wish to use the optional Skirmisher Helmet you WILL NEED Operation Anchorage DLC as the Skirmisher Helmet requires it.

- retextures require the corresponding original mod to work.

1. Flyable Pilotable Vertibird - http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=13593
2. Personal Vertibird - http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=4272

1. install the [v3 DC RANGER ARSENAL MASTER].esm file and included texture/meshes folders to you DATA folder. Make sure to activate the ESM
2. if you want the items to appear in some boxes at the Ranger Compound (upstairs in the building) then open the "[ITEM GENERATOR] Optional File" folder included in the main file archive, and copy the ESP there to your DATA folder, and activate it in FOMM or the FO3 launcher

- to uninstall go into the DATA folder and delete the folder called 'hideouscircus' from both the meshes and textures folders in your game directory, and then delete the esp file

The v3 file doesn't create the outpost outside Rivet City like previous versions.
With only the ESM file installed you will need to use console commands to get the gear. (CONSOLE CODES ARE NOT SOMETHING YOU FIND IN THE GAME! I haven't listed them, and you'll need FO3edit, found on this site, to get the codes. There's well over 30 items in this mod. I WON'T be listing all the codes here)
With both the ESM and the ITEM GENERATOR esp file activated the items spawn in some custom trunks on the 3rd floor of the building the Ranger Compound is located in. Instead of going into the bunker head up the stairs.