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A rusty old pickaxe

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It adds the legendary Pickaxe Of Slaying of the dwarven god... ah, who am I bulls**tting? It's just a worn and rusty pickaxe, just like the ones used by miners and construction workers :p

As a weapon, it's heavy and slow, but it concentrates a lot of impact on a very narrow surface. I.e., it works much like a lucerne hammer. If you have to injure someone through power armour plating, it's probably an even better choice than a sledgehammer. The same physics that allow it to break through concrete, also allow it to break through armour or bones.

It's actually a powerful weapon by Fallout 3 standards, and it's sturdy, cheap to buy and cheap to repair. Also has double crit damage, double damage to limbs, and twice the chance to crit.

As for why, it's another weapon that was requested.


As usual for most of my mods, it's designed for ease of retexturing, even by people who have no graphics skill. The textures for the head and shaft are separate, so basically you can just replace any of them with any free texture resource you like. Ideally at least the head one should be a tiling texture, but otherwise all that will happen is that you get a seam.


I gave it to Karl in the Family hideout in Meresti, so you can buy it from him. Seemed like those guys could use one to clear the rubble and all.

If you killed Karl or want to lose a couple of Karma points quickly or just are terminally cheap, the pickaxe is in the open, on top of the filing cabinet behind Karl, at the back of his shop. So if you want to steal it, look UP. It should be fairly visible.


Extract the archive, with directories, in your "fallout new vegas\Data" folder. Select it in the list of plugin files in the launcher.


Delete the .esp file from your Data directory.

Delete the Pickaxe directory in both the Meshes and Textures directories.


It shouldn't conflict with anything.


I release this in the public domain. You can do with it whatever you wish. You can give it to a character in your own mods, retexture it, change it to something else, port it to another game, and generally anything you can think of.

If you feel like giving credit, I would of course appreciate it, but if not, so be it. I'm not going to hound anyone for having a mesh that kinda looks like mine.


Tweaked the head a bit, made it a little less huge

First Fallout 3 Release