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A small patch that fixes some of the floating rocks and open landscape meshes in the wasteland.

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While playing Fallout 3, one can't help but notice some of the anomalies of the wasteland such as floating rocks and openings in the landscape that allow you to see the void beneath the ground. The Unofficial Fallout 3 patch fixes some of the worst of these anomalies but a lot of them are still unpatched. I made this plug-in for myself since I find these distractions annoying and thought others of like mind would appreciate it as well.

I have included an Open Doc file (You can view it with Open Office) that contains a list of the reference IDs of the objects that were affected. In the case of small objects like floating rocks, I merely rotated and/or moved them down. In the case of larger objects such as cliff faces, I resculpted the landscape to cover up the gaps rather than cause more potential problems by moving the object. Some gaps were covered using rock meshes where appropriate. Users of texture replacers may notice some oddities. Please report these to me if you find them too distracting.

This initial release fixes 56 issues.

I have corrected another 27 issues for a total of 83. The plug-in has also been cleaned via FO3edit (thanks to whistleblower Deadmarsh for keeping me honest).

Version 0.3 corrects another 24 issues for a total of 107. This update fixes a number of large issues near the Deathclaw Sanctuary area.

Version 0.4 is now available. 135 objects in the northern wasteland have been fixed bringing the total to 242. Areas primarily affected are Raven Rock to the Fort Constantine region.

Version 0.5 is released. Another 111 landscape bugs have been corrected bringing the total to 353. I believe most of the issues in the northern half of the wasteland have been fixed (which really doesn't mean anything except to say I'll be concentrating more on the southern half). I will make one more sweep of the northern regions just because I'm a nitpicker.

Version 0.6 is released repairing 195 issues bringing the total to 548.

I've run into a hard to fix issue, so I decided to release what I've done up to now. Version 0.63 only corrects 37 landscape bugs to bring the total to 585.

I have added 4 optional files that fix a ledge gap and wall seam along the south side of the Jefferson Memorial. Be sure to have only ONE of the files active at a time. I'm not especially happy with any of these options. If you favor one over all, please mention your selection in the comments. If you think you have a better solution please mention it as well. I will incorporate the favored version into the main file.

Version 0.7 corrects another 124 landscape issues bringing the total to 709.

Thanks to a comment from Chakka, I have added an esm version for those of you having conflicts with other mods.