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A quest mod that adds 5 new quests and 3-6 hours of gameplay.

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(Read 'Notes' for more) I started off 11 months ago wanting to make an awesome quest mod that everyone could enjoy. It took much longer than I thought, (Over 500 hours of work!) but alas, here it is. If you liked it, feel free to endorse.

WARNING!!!: If you like to play through a quest and be 100% guided the entire time, and never have to think, this is not the mod for you. This mod requires some thinking, it has a few mild 'puzzle' type things, and cannot not be done mindlessly. Play this if you want challanging story centric gameplay, a fantastic story, and some of the best cutscenes in any Fallout 3 mod.

The mod is currently only partially voiced, and I do not plan on ever fully voicing it. Voice was not one of my concearns on this project as it was my first mod ever. Now that I have everything 'figured out' I plan on having ALL future mods fully voiced, as it greatly adds to the quality of the mod.

The Story

The mod starts when you get a radio message (I know, how original. I didn't have any DLC when I made that part :P) beckoning you to a mans house. After following some clues around, you find out a scientist named Christopher O'Neil went missing just before the Great War. You following an entailing story and find out what happened to him, and more importatantly, his partner, Gerard Bishop.

How to start it.

The mod is started by listening to a radio signal. You will be in range in the mid-wasteland. (e.g. if your in megaton) The quest won't start until your a little bit into the story, so the very start is unmarked.


This mod does NOT require any DLC.

FOSE (FallOut Script Extender)
FOSE can be obtained from http://fose.silverlock.org/
Simply follow the instructions there to download and install it.
If you do not properly install FOSE and my mod is active, a message should pop up telling you so.

Archive Invalidation Invalidated
If you have FOMM, just open it and click the 'Toggle invaladation' button. If it prompts you with 'apply archive invaladation?' click yes. If it prompts you with 'remove archive invaladation?' then you already have it, and should click no.

Also, it is recommended, but not required that you have general subtitles on for the mod. These can be turned on by going to options>display>general subtitles-ON.


This mod adds:
5 quests to the wasteland.
3-6 hours of gameplay.
20+ new interior cells.
1 new exterior worldspace.


If during the flashback in the Sentinel Guard Outpost, nobody says anything and everyone just kind of stand there, close Fallout 3, reopen it, and reload a save from before the flashback started. (any save, it could be the autosave from entering the place) This bug really has no cause, and occurs very erratically. I have no clue what causes it, so just do this and it should go away...

After beating the main story open the console and type 'Player.UnEquipItem 0001CBDB' to unequip the wasteland garb. (this is only necissary if you started the tests while you had version 1.00, or 1.01) The clothes cannot be normally unequipped due to an error on my part in a script.

If you beat the game on V1.03 or sooner and are stuck with this bandana, open the console (with `) and enter 'Player.RemoveItem XX08501C 1' (without the ' ') where XX is the number my mod is in your load order, and it will be unequiped and removed from your inventory. (Example. If the mod is number 6 in the load order it would be 0608501C. If its 15th it would be 1508501C.)

If you have the pipboy readius mod active when you enter the tests, the pipboy will not be properly enabled later to allow you to equip and manage your inventory. Once you select a compound igniter from the terminal (this is after you talk to O'Neil again once being 'captured'.) open the console and enter one of the following codes depending on which gun you picked. 'Player.EquipItem XX094415' if you chose the Big Guns one, 'Player.EquipItem XX0AE5F9' if you chose the Small Guns one, and 'Player.EquipItem XX0AE5fA' if you chose the Energy Weapons one. Again, XX is the number my mod is in your load order.

If your followers stop moving and responding after any flashback, open the console by hitting ` (~), select the follower by clicking on them and enter 'setunconscious 0' (without the ' ') into it. That will fix them, though this bug should not be happening in the first place.

Please disable all of the following mods before playing Project Genesis:

DC Interiors and Jury Street Girls use the same house as O'Neil's house. I, however, angled the doorway to allow entry into both modded interiors, hopefully removing the incompatability with both.

If you have the Readius pip-boy mod, disable it while playing through the mod. Apparantly there are issues with it in the latter portions. You can re-enable it once you have beaten the main story.


I want to say, this is my first mod ever. I jumped into it in January with only about 3 months of very very casual (like one hour every weekend) experience with the geck. Parts of this mod, I regret doing, parts of it will leave you breathless. You can also tell I was not very good at writing dialog at first, but I have gotten much better. Play this mod with that in mind. I think every should enjoy it. I worked hard on it, and I am interested to know what you all think. I'm sure if I will be patching this much. It is pretty much 11 months of me learning how to use to geck and all aspects of it. So I will use what people tell me here to make better mods in the (near) future. So please, comment, criticize, endorse, un-endorse, complain, compliment, and most of all, have fun playing it!

(As of 1/21/11) A sequal is not gurenteed right now. I am just finishing a short mod to get me used to NV. Then I have another somewhat lengthy quest mod planned. After that if I still have time before Skyrim's release, I will definitly make a sequel for this.

Thank you Ez0n3 for making the Prometheus static for me!

Story, Level Design, Dialog, and Rextextures by Alexander J. Velicky


Doctor Gerard Bishop - Mauri Majanoja
Doctor Christopher O'Neil - Alexander J. Velicky
Lieutenant Johnathan Palmer - Robert Houchens
Captain Hays - Timothy Thomas
Andrew Hauss - Mauri Majanoja
Fort Verdict Computer System - Rob Gonzalez
Ivan Krukov - Alexander J. Velicky
Receptionist - Alyssa Velicky


Peter Kleiss
Robert Houchens
Nick Kaufer
Michael Griffith
Matt Branthoover
Diarmaid Haugh


-You may not upload this mod to any websites without my permission.
-You may not use any files contained in this mod without my permission in your own mods, or otherwise.
-You may not translate the mod and upload in an alternate language without my permission.

Thank you to Peter Kleiss for inspiration, and Mauri Majanoja for your enthralling voice acting abilities!

Also, thanks to the people on the Bethesda forums, without whom I would not have been able to figure out much of what it took to make this mod a reality.

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Check out my latest New Vegas project, D.E.I.M.O.S., at http://newvegasnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=43411