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  1. thefourwings
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    I've got to say, it's both surprising and really inspiring to still see new comments all these years later from people who have tried my mods and appreciate them, even today.

    I've gotten a lot of questions lately, about whether I have plans for a Fallout 4 mod, especially given that my first mod, The Institute, elaborated on the Commonwealth-based Institute that now appears to be the basis of the main plot in Fallout 4. The short answer is that I would love to, but that it's hard to justify. Those who closely followed the development of Ties that Bind know how much it killed me having to constantly delay the mod's development, due to balancing it with everyday life. Since finishing the mod, I've been living off a pittance in order to remain and independent game developer, and though I now have the flexibility to commit to developing a mod full time, it's hard to justify doing so when that's time that could be spent on standalone products.

    My secret hope had been that Bethesda and Valve would use Fallout 4 to take a second shot at rolling out a paid mod system - and actually do it right this time. That way, I could justify the investment of dedicating 1-2 months working 70hrs/wk at developing a quality F4 mod, worth spending a couple bucks on, which would in turn help financially support my indie game development thereafter. Bethesda has indicated, however, that given the trainwreck of their first attempt, they have not plans to try again at this time.

    So you'll notice I've finally added a "donate" button to my account/mods, which will serve for me as a sort of litmus test, to gauge whether developing a new mod is really feasible. Please do not misinterpret this: I am not saying "if you want a Fallout 4 mod, you should donate now." Rather, if you choose to donate, I would hope that it's for the same reason you normally would: that you enjoyed my work, and would like a way of saying thanks in a form that helps to reimburse my development costs.

    As always, thank you all for your support. I know I keep saying it, but it really is what keeps me going
  2. opheliau25
    • member
    • 87 posts
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    Great mod! Short but great. Kinda had a hard time to locate the entrance of the lab :s.
    My only issue is that i cant get the ghoul's door to open. I'm pretty sure ive done everything. Don't know if its a bug or i missed something (but i spend like an hour to verify everything in each room so, idk really.) I would really like to complete the quest.
  3. Wakelessnine3
    • member
    • 10 posts
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    Alchestbreach would love this.
  4. RufusYoungBlood666
    • member
    • 87 posts
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    Did you made this mod after your conversation with Dr Zimmer at RIvet CIty and got inspired by his talks about his organization The institute
    1. Fuhrer9
      • member
      • 140 posts
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      Is this a serious question?
  5. TuollafBoy
    • supporter
    • 162 posts
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    Hi thefourwings. Is there a way to repair the Institute Radiation Suit? I've tried the usual ways such as taking it to a vendor or pick up an in game suit then do a self repair. Neither works. Currently it's 100% broken because I got shot-up while wearing it. Once I take it off I can't reequip it. Thanks!
  6. KresoX
    • member
    • 523 posts
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    This seems like an awesome mod, right from the very start I was amazed with Penny the receptionist as one of the best face/voice matches I've seen in FO3, and the voice actress did a brilliant job. Her little story also adds up. Absolutely ENDORSED!

    However, I seem to be having a specific technical issue and can't find anything similar neither in this mod's posts nor by Googling. Everything goes well at first, but roughly around the time I get access to Galen in the basement, a HUGE MICROSTUTTER is introduced. I can't really pinpoint the moment so I guess it builds up gradually from invisible to barely visible to very visible, but by the time I'm done and ready to leave for the S02 facility, it pokes in the eye. And not only inside, i.e. I get outiside and it's there all the way to the 2nd vault down south. I have no idea what could be causing it. On the other hand, the framerate seems normal, it's basically 50-60 fps everywhere. But then again, that's the feature of microstutters as far as I know -- they don't correlate to fps but have their own logic...
    (*By microstutter I mean exactly what it is, and the "huge" part relates to the microstutter being so detectable that it can't be ignored and basically screws up further playing, it's just way too disturbing, no matter how small - it's not a classic ordinary lag...)

    Loading the last save before I first entered the Institute makes everything work perfectly again and I can't detect any microstutter (and makes me happy to see that I'm really not just imagining things). So unfortunately, despite the fact I like this mod very much and can't really blame it for this issue as I can't even guess what's causing it, I'll be forced to quit the mod. There, maybe this helps someone in a similar situation to see that someone else also experiences this and they're not just imagining things

    Btw. other than this weird microstutter, everything else in this mod works perfectly.
  7. RobinWoods
    • member
    • 56 posts
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    Thank you thefourwings for making this mod. I'm installing it for the first time
  8. aditza35
    • member
    • 72 posts
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    Greetings user thefourwings,

    I will add my 0.02$

    I am also of mind, as user - or "consumer" - I do not mind paying for mods or stand-alone expansions even, fueled by independent teams. Anyone can see all modders stay independent and that is refractive of our nature as somewhat selfish organisms. Modders should team up and form complex projects and make a free demo. If people like what they see, they will fund your project.
  9. Raulsk
    • member
    • 28 posts
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    Dude,Fallout 4 copied your mod! Nah,I think both are great.
    1. aafreak
      • member
      • 391 posts
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      Its a possibility that they got the idea from a mod. And why not, its a great mod.
    2. uglymonkey101
      • member
      • 24 posts
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      The institute was already in the Fallout lore before Fallout 4 there was even a full quest about synths in Fallout 3 except they are called androids
    3. DownwindRat98
      • premium
      • 4 posts
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      The woman you meet in that quest even calls them Synths and mentions that she's part of The Reaiload.
    4. EnderDragonFire
      • supporter
      • 1,452 posts
      • 23 kudos
      Yeah. A lot of the comments on this mod seem to think it INVENTED the Institute, despite it being mentioned and discussed in Vanilla Fo3.
  10. a2937
    • member
    • 63 posts
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    Do I have permission to have a TTW converted version of the mod posted?
  11. KingOfArcadia
    • member
    • 16 posts
    • 1 kudos
    I have no idea why, but when I install this mod, the animations for the slides during loading no longer work. I can hear the noise that plays when the slides change, but it stays stuck on the first slide. When I remove the mod it's fine, and I've just tried it again on an unmoddded save. Any ideas?
    1. Tiamat042
      • supporter
      • 141 posts
      • 6 kudos
      Go into the files for this mod in your mod manager (or in the data folder if you installed manually) and delete or hide "meshes/interface/loading/loadinganim01.nif". Even if you leave it though, it's not hurting your game, just blocking the slides.