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Lance's Language Filter Mod Readme
Current Version: v0.27
Web: http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=14159
Author: Lance

I was sick of finding no GOOD language filers for Fallout 3. So I'm making this my self.

This mod adds a language filter to fallout.
What is edited:
-All swear words except Damn and Hell.
-Some vulgarity


If you want to help you can tell me the people who are still swearing by
telling me the name of the person or get the GBO number of the character.
Also tell me what DLC it is in if applicable.

You need to use a mod manager to install this whether it's Nexus Mod Manager or Fallout Mod Manager.
MAKE SURE ARCHIVE INVALIDATION IS ON. This allows the original sound files to be over written
Also make sure you check only the DLC esp that apply to your install.

---Next Update---
I realy have no idea. FYI I have no intenton of quiting before it's done.
Version History
-Fixed some missed edits on Andy Stahl

-Complete edit of Brianna, Harkness, Jaime Holo Tapes, Initiate Pek, Sierra, and Ronald Laren.
-Polished Paladin Vargas a bit and added missing subtitles.
-Fixed Missed edits on Leo Stahl, Amata, and the tunnel snakes, Pinkerton, and the water begger

(report any missed edites to me plz)

-Complete edit of the following 5 People:
Justin, Holly, Brianna, Mister Crowley, Reilly
-Fixed Karl's unedited subtitles.

Operation Anchorage
-Complete edit of the following 3 People:
Protector McGraw, Segent Benjamin Montgomery, General Chase
-All Generic American Soldiers
-All halotapes

(report any missed edites to me plz)

Jericho's subtitles, Ken Ewers missed edits.
Doc Church missed edits.

-Complete edit of the following # People:
Robert(From the Family),

The Pit:
-Complete edit of the following 11 People:
Genaric Female slaver and Male slaver, Gaurds, Mex, Midea, Bone, Everett, Spook, Faydra, Phantom, Ramsy

*Complete edit of the following 8 people:
Angela Staley, Tammy Hargrave, Ian West, Jack Smith, Lucas Simms, Mister Burke, Gary Staley, Karen Schenzy
Karl from the Family's subtitle dialog.
Willow speach and subtitles that I missed.
Three Dog Radio Subtitles and a few missed voice edits.
Colin Moriarty-Player speach edited.

Broken Steel: Enclave Soldier Log #01

*Complete edit of 3 people I forgot to write there names down. lol:

The Pitt: Prosper
Broken Steel: Sentinel Lions
Anchorage: American Soldier
*Fixed Talon company Subtitles
*FIXED FOMOD VER(Was just editing the subtitles and not the audio)

*Complete edit of the following 11 people:
Allistar Tenpenny, Karl, Walter, Deputy Steel, Mister Gutsy, Carlos

*Edited Paradise Falls Slavers and Paradise Falls Slaver Guards.

Broken Steel: Paladin Jensen, Wint, Scribe Bigsley

*Edited some missed subtitles on James Hargrave.
*I Cleaned up the aduio a bit for Ken Ewars and Bryan Wilks.
*Complete edit of the following 8 people:
Willow, Colonel Autumn, Trinnie, Belle Bonny, Janice Kaplinski, Roy Phillips, Chief Gustavo, Pinkerton

Point Lookout: Desmond (this took me a little over 2 1/2 hours to edit.Enjoy)
Broken Steel: Three Dog
Anchorage: Sibley
The Pitt: Wernher
Mothership Zeta: Edited subtitles for raiders

*Other: Spring Vale Boss Terminal, Edited more of Three Dog and edited subtitles as well (Galaxy news should be sware free)
*Add Files in FOMOD and Arcive Format.
*Complete edit of the following 10 people:
Mayor Macceady(wow 41 edited audio files on this one it took a while), Flak, Sister, Jenny Stahl, Nathan, Doc Li, Shrapnel, Bryan Wilks, Cherry, and Sammy.
*Complete edit of Moriartys Terminal
*Complete Edit of Dukov (Mind you he still is prety vaulger in other ways)
*Edited Keller Family transcript 5of5
*Edited Harkness Halo tapes to zimmer.
*Complete edit of the following 15 people:
Old Lady Dithers, Janet Rockwell, James Hargrave, Evan King, Ken Ewers, Paladin Gunny, Amata, Butch, Doc Church, Polished up Jericho,

Flash, Nova, Gob, Colin Moriarty, Silver
*Add an esp file for subtitles. I only edited a few with subtiles for a taste of things to come.
*Edit: maleold01
*Complete Edit: maleadult02
*Edit: femaleadult02
*Edit: malegenericghoul
*Fixed Freezing Bug
*Complete Edit: maleadult01defaultb
*Complete Edit: maleadult01default
*Complete Edit: Talon Company
*Edited: maleuniquethreedog
*Edited: maleuniquethreedog
*Complete Edit: femalegroupraider
*Edit: maleuniquethreedog
*Complete Edit: malegroupraider
*Complete Edit: maleuniquejericho
*Edit: Ken Ewars