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t51b hi res replacer

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this replaces the t51b textures (the fort constantine's one) with hi-res ,overdetailed textures and adds glow and env maps

should have no problems with any mod... at least if the mod does not change t51b appearence

i suggest also to use it only if you are running fo3 at least on Medium_hight
otherwise you cannot appreciate it

if you cannot see differences between this and vanilla textures.....you got serious problems : )
please do not bother me for this.
if textures are not displayed correctly update your archive invalidation

there is a lot of work behind this retexture
do not reupload this mod elsewhere without my permission
do not include it in your work without asking.

you can always contact me here on nexus


all my works for NV & FO3 can be found just by searching *Bornagain*
commenting and endorsing bornagain releases does not cause blindness ,pest ,holes in memory,hair loss, premature death,sexual desire decrease,explosion,toxic clouds.end of the world,glowing eyes ,stinking feets.angelic conversation.
we cannot be sure of the rest...nobody is