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Command everything from a small strike squad to a whole army using the most advanced squad command system for Fallout III.
Call in Airstrikes, carpet bombing runs, missile strikes, orbital strikes, reinforcements & transports wherever you want it, just point with your mouse!
Five different factions to call in soldiers from; Enclave,

Permissions and credits
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Enclave Commander; Version 0.90 BETA

"Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories."
- Sun Tzu, The Art of War.

Read the whole readme file before you ask for help! - The answer to all simple questions will be RTFM.

Fix from Brewdog (thank you!) for the broken Broken Vertibird indoor: http://fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=9319

Trailers goes here: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=32F4577BEA5C3DE8

Category: Private armies, transportation and air support.
Necessary mods and DLCs:
- Fallout Script Extender (http://fose.silverlock.org/)
- Broken Steel
Recommended mods and DLCs:
- Operation: Anchorage
- The Pitt
- Enclave Commander comes in three versions; one with Broken steel support, one for Broken Steel and OA and one for all DLCs.
Author: J3X (also known as Nib, JeX and Nibberz86 on YouTube)
Sauce: http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=1410 & http://planetfallout.gamespy.com/mods/51/The-Enclave-Commander-Mod

Chapter I. Features
Command everything from a small strike squad to a whole army using the most advanced squad command system for Fallout III.
Call in Airstrikes, carpet bombing runs, missile strikes, orbital strikes, reinforcements & transports wherever you want it, just point with your mouse!
Five different factions to call in soldiers from; Enclave, Brotherhood of Steel, US army & Brotherhood Outcast.
6 different kinds of humanoid soldiers and 6 different kinds of robots to call it, including everything from stealth units and scientists to Chimera tanks.

Take prisoners and strip them of their belongings, enslave them or execute them.
Fast travel everywhere in the game using the Vertibird transport. Either use the pipboy to set the target position or fast travel to 8 player defined positions.
Get XP from your soldiers kills.
And much more...

Chapter II. Installing

1. Make sure you have FOSE installed, if not go to http://fose.silverlock.org/ download and install it. (read FOSE's readme) Enclave Commander > v 0.8 will NOT work without FOSE!
If you cannot use FOSE use v 0.75.
2. Unzip the archive to a temporary folder.
3. Move EnclaveCommander.esp and all the folders (meshes & textures) to your Fallout 3\Data folder. Unless you changed it it's probably "C:\Program\Bethesda Softworks\Fallout 3\Data".
4. Start the Fallout launcher or Fallout Mod Manager (recommended), select "Data Files" and check EnclaveCommander-xxx.esp. Where xxx is the DLCs you have installed.
6. Run the game.

Please do a clean save before installing v 0.9.

0. Remove all items from the Vertibird container and dismiss all soldiers.
1. Deactivate EnclaveCommander.esp.
2. Load up your latest save.
3. Save.
4. Activate the new esp file.
5. Load your save and play!

Delete EnclaveCommander.esp files from your Data folder.

Chapter III. FAQ

How to change the Enclave Soldiers to something completely different?
- Use "Enclave Commander - Options" in your AID selection.

How do I change how much XP I get for squad kills?
- Type in "set J3XVertibirdXpGain to ?" where ? is the xp-multiplier of the squads kills, where 0 is no xp and 1 is normal. Any number goes.

The marker thingys is not working!?!?!?!
- Make sure you have FOSE installed correctly. Use "E" to drop the marker.

How do I play with the DLC and FOSE at the same time, GFWL is evil!

- Move the DLC to your \Fallout3\Data folder so you can play without GFWL. The DLC is located in...

- C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Xlive\DLC for XP
- C:\Users\User Name\AppData\Local\Microsoft\XLive\DLC

- Take the ESM and BSAs and move them to your \Data folder, activate them like a normal mod, enjoy playing without GFWL.

How do I add my own weapons / faction?
- Load up the mod in GECK and change the soldiers inventory.

How to get it?
- It will be added to your inventory when you start the game.

Please do not request new factions, changing of the weapons, ect to be added. I don't have time to customize this mod so it fits everyone. You are still however free to ask, just don't hope for it to be added.
Load up the GECK and add it, then release it. insufficient knowledge of the GECK is not a valid argument, learn to mod dammit!

Chapter IV. Playing

The items will be added to your inventory when you start your game.

Command radio:
The command radio is your main tool for this mod; you find it under your Aid tab.

New in 0.80: How to use the new marker system:
Choose a option, like call in ground support.
You will find that a creepy green marker is following your mouse, you can change the distance to it by your scroll wheel.
When you have found a good position to call in your troops press the use key, "E".

Move Markers:
Used for the move to marker AI command.
Use it and select a color then move the marker around with the mouse, you can change the distance to it by your scroll wheel. Press E to drop.
Try to place the flag right over the ground. Placing the flag in weird places may break the AI.
Or double click on something with the command button.

To enable prisoners, use the Command Radio, Squad Commands, take prisoners.
The prisoners sometime bugs the soldiers AI and if they are left along for too long they will go back to normal but might be bugged.
Shot with the laser marker on the prisoners for access the command menu
Execute = Pop the prisoners head.
Transport to base = Transport the soldier to the prison marker.
Confiscate beljavascript-event-stripped Pick and choose from the NPCs items.
Release = release, nuff said.

Air support
You don't get xp for Vertibird strike kills.
The Vertibird will shoot down everything in the area, including you and your soldiers.
Vertibird fast travel may cause some bugs if you fast travel to places before you have access to them.

Command button:
Use EC options to change it, default is G.
- Double click on a soldier to access the command menu.
- Select a soldier and then a NPC for attack order.
- Select a soldier then a prisoner for execution order.
- Select a Scientist and a locked terminal or container for give a unlock order.
- Double click anywhere to place a marker there.
- Double click on a NPC for air support menu.
- Double click on a prisoner for options menu.
- Select a Scientist or a Wraith then a ordinary object (not NPC) for mine placing order.

Vertibird fast travel:
Use 'e' to enter the vertibird.
It's a bad idea to fast travel while you have soldiers following you.
Selecting a follower then select the vertibird moves the follower into the bird.
Select a follower then the vertibird's indoor door to move him out.
Select the vertbird once to give take off order.
Use the pipboy to select a destination (might conflict with no-fast travel mods)
Or use the console and select a player set position.

Soldier types and factions:
Every faction, except for US Army uses the same weapon selection. Weapons marked with * will not be used by the army.

Assault unit: Soldier
Main weapon:
Assault Rifle
Plasma Rifle *
Laser Rifle *

Backup weapon:
Laser Pistol

Medium armor

Assault unit: Eliminator
Combat Shotguns
Super Sledge

Medium armor

Fire support unit : Exterminator
Main Weapon:
Gatling Laser *
Gauss Rifle *

Backup weapon:
Laser Pistol

Heavy armored

Fire support unit : Annihilator
Main Weapon:
Heavy Incinerator *
Tesla Cannon *
Missile Launcher

Backup weapon:
Laser Pistol

Heavy Armored

Mechanized units
Mister Gutsy (Not available for Brotherhood Outcasts)
Sentry Bot
Chimera Tanks

Support unit : Wraith
Main weapon:
Sniper Rifle

Backup weapon:
Silenced 10mm Pistol
Chinese Officer's Sword

Stealth Suit

Stealth mode when sneaking or in combat.
Can place plasma mines.

Support unit : Scientist
Main weapon:
Laser Pistol

Can hack consoles and unlock containers.
Throws pulse grenades.
Can place pulse mines.

Chapter V. Misc stuff.

Release log:
- Release

- Added Request fire support in the menu!

- Fixed some bugs
- Added Vertibird fast travel.

- Fixed some AI bugs
- Added Radio beacons for the Vertibird fast travel
- Added squad commands: Follow, Wait, Guard, disband
- Added different kinds of squads: Assault, Fire support, Strike and Sentry Bot
- Added Brotherhood of Steel Soldiers
- Added Vertibird Missile strike
- Added Vertibird Strafing run

- Replaced the useless strafing run with carpet bombing
- Added individual Squad commands; Follow, Wait, Guard
- Added dismiss FX
- Fixed Some AI bugs
- Replaced Chinese sword with combat shotgun
- Added option to summon Outcast Enclave or Outcast Brotherhood
- Added option to call in a follower using the Vertibird
- Added Commanders Laser pointer, fire it on an enemy = universal target; fire on soldier = command him.
- Added Underworld to Vertibird fast travel
- Optimizing most of the scripts
- Fixed some nasty AI bugs
- The items will now be added to the player when the game starts.

- You now get XP for squad kills.
- Added sniper rifles to heavy soldiers? weapon list.
- Vertibird cargo drop.
- Added squad cap.
- Improved and fixed AI.
- Fixed Sentry Bots AI.
- Removed dismiss FX.
- Added in game readme.
- Added voice to the troops.

- Move to marker.
- The soldiers can now take prisoners.
- The Command Radio will now work indoors.
- Moved squad requesting menu to the Vertibird script.
- Raised squad cap.
- Fixed bugs....

- Added things to do with the prisoners: Execute, Confiscate Belongings (needs a bit more work), Transport to base (just raises a counter of taken prisoners, for future use) and release.
- Added Chinese soldiers (set j3xvertibirdsoldiertype to 4)
- Added custom flag textures.
- Removed testing stuffs.
- Possible fixed some bugs.
- You should no longer need to make a clean save (you are still however recommended to do it).

- Revamp of the air support system, you can now choose where you want the Vertibirds to fire etc.
- Better confiscate belongings option for the slaves, uses the teammate share windows.
- Easier to move around the markers, you change the distance with your mouse wheel (yep, the next release will request FOSE).
- Give items to your soldiers (teammate share windows here to).
- Hopefully fixed some bugs (and created no new...)
- Replaced the useless Enclave Outcasts with normal Soldiers.
- Added O:A esp file.
- Added faction based weapons. (Redone the additem system a bit).
- Added command squads.
- Maybe added voice and salute animations for US troops.
- Added Chimera Tanks

- Added 'fixed' version that don't give XP for kills for BOS, Outcasts & Enclave soldiers. - This is for anyone that gets a CTD when they battle them.

- Changed the Vertibird call in soldier system.
- Changed soldier types
- Added stealth soldier
- Added scientist soldier
- Added mechanized squad
- Soldier dismissing improved, they no longer just disappear.
- Prisoners will now be transported to a prison marker placed by the player.
- Vertibird travel including the short journey interior as featured in Broken Steel.
- Added Orbital strike
- Replaced the command pointer with the command button (default = G).
- Added options menu.
- Added 4 new custom positions

Possible conflicts & bugs:
- The mod changes from v 0.6 the GenericEnclave, GenericBrotherhoodOutcast & GenericBrotherhood quest (dialogue holders) so it may conflict with any other mods that are changing those quests too.
- Some leftover script may still exist....
- Sometimes the Soldiers animations gets weird and they won't attack anything, it's best to dismiss them and summon new soldiers if this happens. Or you can open up the console, select the soldier and type in: disable (enter) enable.
- The Vertibirds flies through stuffs.
- Wrong voices for some soldiers.

Credits and contact info:
- All credits to me, J3X, for creating this mod.
- You can message me at fallout3nexus as J3X or at the official Fallout forums as Nib.
- Or drop me a message at jex_ mus [at] hotmail [dot] com.
- Credits to all Fallout modders and player that have contributed with their ideas and solutions.
- Credits to TalkieToaster for his excellent killcount script!
- NoSideEffects for detecting a bug with XP for kill and BOS, Enclave & Outcast faction.
- Credits to all who have submitted bugs!

This will not be updated nor fixed as I'm not modding Fallout 3 anymore. PM me or mail me at jex_mus [at] hotmail [dot] com if you have some questions.

Feel free to take over the mod, include it in your own or patch it if you find any bugs.
Clone, copy, spread, mutate, merge, and do whatever you want just as long you give me credit for my work.

Other projects
I am currently working on some own games, if you enjoy my mods please check them out! For more projects check out my Personal website.