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A vision of how Vault 101 might have developed in the aftermath of Trouble on the Homefront, when it reached the point at which it felt confident to open its door and establish contact with the Outside.

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Thank you to all who voted for this mod, which was awarded File Of The Month for July 2010. I'm grateful for your support.


A vision of how Vault 101 might have developed in the aftermath of Trouble on the Homefront, when it reached the point at which it felt confident to open its door and establish contact with the Outside. This may not fit with your vision, but I hope you enjoy the story. There are four main quests, an introductory mini-quest, and three unmarked scavenger quests. This mod contains no nudity. There is sexually suggestive text and images, and some mild language, all well within the bounds of the official game.

There are no significant evil alternatives until the final quest (which takes place outside Vault 101). Although your karma doesn't matter, the assumption is that if you install this, you intend to help Vault 101.

Although many opponents will scale based on your level, the difficulty is intended to be above average, for well-developed characters seeking a challenge.


Extract the contents of the zip file into your Fallout 3 folder. If asked if you want to overwrite existing files, say "Yes to all". This mod does not replace any vanilla game files or, to my knowledge, overwrite files used by any other mods.

This mod contains meshes, textures, and sounds that are not present in the original Fallout 3, and it requires a utility such as "ArchiveInvalidation Invalidated!" (or manual editing of the FALLOUT.ini file) to work properly. Fallout Mod Manager (FOMM) is highly recommended but not required.

ArchiveInvalidation Invalidated: http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=944
Fallout Mod Manager (FOMM): http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=640

Start FOMM or the Fallout 3 Launcher, and place a check mark beside "Vault 101 Revisited.esm".

Required Mods

You should have at least patch 1.6 or 1.7 (http://fallout.bethsoft.com/eng/downloads/updates.html)

You only need Fallout 3. No other mods or downloadable content (Broken Steel, etc.) are required.

Quest Requirements

You can play this with any karma, even if you destroyed Megaton, but you must have completed the Trouble on the Homefront quest, and in a way that does not sabotage the vault or kill Amata (killing her father is okay). 30 days must pass after completing that quest before this one starts. This represents the time the Vault needs to get its house in order, and gives the player time to acquire the weapons, armor, and perks that help with some the more difficult combat situations. If you're ready to jump right in, to force a month to pass, open the console (tilde key) and enter "set GameDaysPassed to GameDaysPassed + 30".


This mod does not replace existing items or textures, though it does introduce new ones. Where I have used resources created by other authors, I have used copies of those files located in a different folder, so it will not overwrite or conflict with the original.

It is compatible with Mart's Mutant Mod.

It is NOT compatible with "A Decent House", which deletes a section of the Vault entrance.

The Sharing and Caring Companions mod adds a "Friend..." talk option that is not compatible with the new companions in this mod. You can still play, just don't use the "Friend..." option with this mod's companions.

It's been reported that the Real Time Settler New Wave mod can cause dialogue problems for the major NPC in the last quest.

Be careful using mods that magnify damage/cripple effects. This mod applies some serious injury effects, and amplifying them can result a quest-critical NPC dying before you even meet her.

It is best to avoid using the console to teleport or pass through walls if this causes you to bypass content, because this mod relies on your passing normally through doors and certain areas, so as to update quests or trigger an event. Likewise, using god-mode, especially in the Enclave base, can cause your character to glitch (one alternative would be to temporarily set the game difficulty to a lower setting).

This mod should be compatible with any mod that doesn't modify the Vault 101 interior. Depending on player choices, an NPC might be placed in Big Town or Canterbury Commons, so major changes to these areas by other mods could conflict. Although the original Vault 101 is not modified, the entrance door is remapped to a new copy of Vault 101, making the original inaccessible without use of the console, so any mod that alters Vault 101 is not compatible. This mod disables the Susie Mack random encounter.

Synthetic Voices

Where possible I've reused spoken dialogue or pressed friends into service as voice actors. Where that wasn't practical, I've made use of synthetic voices from text-to-speech software. This is not the lousy Microsoft Sam free stuff, but purchased software (NaturalReader, if you were wondering). You won't mistake these for human, but they're much better than the eerie silence of no speech, and the sound in the recordings is clear. It helps to think of this as an experiment with what is possible. As a software geek, I found this interesting. If you expect "real" you'll be disappointed. If you approach this looking for an acceptable alternative, you might be pleasantly surprised. I spent hours tweaking the wording to sound as natural as possible. If you decide that silence is preferable, delete the folders listed the Designer Notes to remove just the synthetic voices (bearing in mind that you'll miss some conversations that are entirely spoken dialogue, such as conversation between NPCs). I have placed voice samples in the Files section to help you decide. I tied to include some of the best and worst ones to provide a balanced sample.

Getting Started

When the Quest Requirements (above) are met, go to Megaton (you must be inside the city but not in a building, by the bomb is a good place) or the Tenpenny lobby and a Vault 101 messenger will find you. If the messenger does not appear, try manually waiting 24 hours at a time in that location for a few days. Refer to the Walkthrough file if you get stuck.

Player Room

This is not a house mod, but if you wish to make your old room your base of operations, you'll find ample storage, a bed, workbench, and infirmary station. By design there's no bobblehead stand (you have one in your Megaton or Tenpenny house). Andy offers haircuts (if you trust him with your head). All containers in the player's room and the nearby Storage room are flagged as owned by the player and will not respawn.

Known Problems

Susie Mack might get stuck after delivering her message. You can use your body to push her free, but its not necessary. After you report to Vault 101, she will disappear.

In the Enclave base, creatures that lack a ranged attack may have some difficulty with the terrain, causing them to appear to run away.

If you save the game inside the Red Devil Lair and reload that save without exiting the game, the music won't play. Exiting the game and reloading, or using a door to leave and return, will fix this.

Dance Night in the Atrium is set up so that participants will arrive approximately on time, so some start traveling an hour early. If you go to the the atrium and use the Wait function, stopping less than an hour before the start, some of the early travelers may pop in ahead of schedule. At the end of the event, some dancers might not update. Using the Wait function (particularly if you do so in another cell) or talking to them will update them.

If you started playing this mod with a version older than 1.02, if you uninstall the mod, the Vault 101 exterior door disappears. You can fix this with the console:

prid 9b5a0


IllusiveMan196 - Navmesh fixes for version 1.05.

tyokio - Deep Eyes Armor
http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=5342 (used with author's permission)

Chucksteel - Havok friendly Bobble-Heads Modders Resource
(You may also want to check out his DCInteriors Project: http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=5573)

Redline_C64 - Alice Murray Outfit (Trouble's Outfit in this mod)

Mortecha - Laser texture

Joolander and splitsoul - Mesh and texture for Alice's Duster

Hostre (and dimon99 for the original texture) - Black Rose Tattoo

Umpa - Umpa Animation

Yoshikinakota - Eye texture

Bronson - Necklace mesh and texture

Music - Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

guitarguy1985 - American dual rotor minor third siren (2T22)

jobro - Evacuate Siren

The quotation about AI systems is taken from the Doctor Who episode "The Time of Angels", though the meaning has been changed.

A big thanks to my testers for their valuable feedback.


You may use the materials in this mod for your own mod work (subject to the other restrictions in this paragraph); I just ask that you credit me. If you use the Theta Seven armor, please give primary credit to tyokio for the Deep Eyes Armor on which it is based, as I merely modified some textures. The other resources listed in the Credits section are entirely the work of those authors, so if you use those, credit should be attributed to them rather than me. I do require that you check with me for permission prior to redistributing or repackaging this entire mod, or distributing an add-on that runs on top of or requires the presence of this mod. Please do not upload to other sites.