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The new file I have up may not work with previous saved games using the Bael Amalgamation mod. And therefore upon loading you will lose all of the weapons you'd had. I have taken the liberty of uploading a screenshot with all of the names, editor IDs, and form IDs. So as you can simply use the console to regain your weapons. Just replace the 05 in the form ID with where the esp falls in your load order when using the console code. In example;
player.additem 05000FDF 1
The one at the end indicating quantity.

Finally have pics of the 2 Bore projectile, thank you frobac.

The compilation of my horrid patchwork weapons plus new additions. All of these are found in a new interior. West of Megaton there are the remnants of a highway, there is a sewer grate on one of the pillars that leads there. I want your screenshots of these weapons in action. If I get 50 downloads I expect 50 screens at least.

**Requires Anchorage, The Pitt, Point Lookout, and Broken Steel.

Have added a separate esp for users of ironsights, as my weapons don't seem to work with it. They all should work like vanilla Fallout weapons now. Don't run both esp files at the same time.

New Atrocities;

Tesla Rail Cannon. The tesla cannon was cool, this beefs it up into a nuclear blast inducing lazer cannon thing. Same damage as mini nuke, uses 100 electron charge packs, so it's balanced. I figured that many is about as rare as a mini nuke.

Broken Chinese Sword. Honestly I've forgotten what the stats are exactly. If I remember correctly I made it so it's about on par with the shishkebab, so it's actually worth using.

Bonesaw. A bonesaw about on par with combat knife. Slightly higher crits though.

Sawn-Off Shotgun with Long Buttstock. Similar stats to sawn off shotgun. Has long buttstock.

Bael. It's a hat!

American Special Forces Rifle. Made as a request, Assault Rifle parts on a Submachine Gun. Balanced as Chinese Assault rifle. Has own repair list, scoped and silenced, and silenced versions as well. Now with Bayonet version. Weighs the same so choice is purely asthetic.

Buffalo pistol. A kind of post-apocalyptic Dueling pistol. Uses shotgun shells, one projectile, one barrel.

Flame Thrower. Couldn't get reload animation to work, all apologies. Anyways same stats as flamer, less ammo, longer reload time, lighter. Uses mostly the "Infiltrator" mesh.

Stetson. Dizzy was my favourite character from "Gears of War." This hat is modeled after his, with the brim upturned at the sides. Little else but asthetics.

2 Bore Single. A request, no uber long version or pistol grip yet.

G3/Assault Pistol. Similar stats to Stock Assault Rifle, fires faster, smaller clip. Inspired by real pistols built on the m4/m16 frame.

Robbin' Hood. It's also a hat. Note the apostrophy.

Trench Rifles. Scoped and UnScoped, 5.56 ammo, more damage then hunting rifle, combat knife strapped on the end. 10 clip rounds, higher crit damage.

32 Oversized. Made as per request, Chambered in 5.56 and named accordingly. Seemingly low damage, albeit well worth using, as it totes very high and very frequent crits.

.44 Magnum Semi-Auto Pistol With Bayonet. Substantially higher damage, less accurate, and infinitestimal crits. As compared to the revolver. Bayonet version slightly better than combat knife.

Revolver Sniper. New-ish stats. Hybrid of the .308 revolver and sniper rifle. Two-handed, as I've had numerous requests for a .308 revolver that could be two-handed.

Old Stuff;

2 Bore Double Rifle. The largest commercialy available caliber, 2 bore. Ludicrously oversized and unnecessary for most situations. So of course I made a weapon for it. Uses custom ammo, projectile, muzzel flash, and mesh.

Footlong .44 Magnums. You know they actually sell revolvers with foot long barrels? I know this because I'm canadian and everything short is illegal here, like snubnose revolvers an subcompacts. Anyways here's scoped and unscoped .44 magnums. Similar stats, less spread, the unscoped fires faster.

Mauser Carbine/Chinese Pistol Rifle. Tired of weapons that look as though they were manufactured yesterday? Well I was. So I decided to make a horrid amalgamation of parts based around the chinese pistol. As I am a fan of the C-26 Mauser "Broomhandle." More of a stealth weapon than an assault rifle. Scoped, automatic, biased towards a lower level character. Uses 10mm rounds, has own repair list(hunting rifle, chinese pistol, chinese assault rifle, and .44 Magnum. Because I used parts from all of those.)

Pistol Grip Combat Shotguns. Quite clearly the Sawn-Offs grip attatched to a combat shotgun. Anyways it works. Less damage, higher crits. Very substantially higher crits. Higher crit multiplyer. Nobody likes a useless gun. May be featured in this mod(not made by me.) check it out looks like a good ride. http://forums.bethsoft.com/index.php?/topic/1086232-wipz-blood-on-the-sand/?quot;

Scoped Chinese Pistol. Just a late in the day addition to Fallout, adds a(what else) scoped chinese pistol to the game. Should be balanced somewhat, higher crit multiplier and lower spread, practically on par with 10mm pistol.

.308 Revolvers. I'm a fan of ludicrously large handguns. Hence the sniper pistol. Works and looks like a revolver, uses sniper ammo and stats(except slightly better but still balanced.)

Every thing here is fair game for the gentile modders of the nexus. So feel free to use these models in any of your mods, just drop me a pm.

I will consider all requests, and will work it in if I am capable. Actually if I don't it's usually I'm just being lazy. I'll get around to moving that scope to the other side of the mauser eventually. For whoever requested that. I did silence it however.

If you speak German my work may be integrated into this mod some time in the future.

Mauser Carbine model is featured in this great mod that I haven't downloaded;

There's a full auto version of one of the combat shotgun pistols here by halout.