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  1. GordonFreeman3
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    Do not install this mod from a new game as it is buggy as all hell. I experienced FPS drops like crazy whenever I would get close to the Arefu area and crashes as well. If you wanna experience this mod I suggest you install it before you want to take on Lucys quest from Megaton. ALSO MAKE A BACKUP OF YOUR ENTIRE FALLOUT 3 FOLDER BEFORE INSTALLING.

    Uninstalling this mod is a NIGHTMARE as it ruined my game beyond playability when I My whole character was clipping through the world. I couldn't even move at all. Not even the console command for loosing up your character after being stuck saved me. The only way I could recover my saved file is by installing the damn thing back and it worked. I just had to stay away from the Arefu area to avoid crashes from now on.

    So be careful to anyone who wants to install this mod. Also making a backup save before installing this mod will still ruin your game if you decide to uninstall it. At least for me, maybe it will be a different experience for others.
    1. ponurymazepa
      • supporter
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      or simply use Mod Organizer. Don't like a mod? - Remove and it's gone, with no harm to game. With MO - mods are kept separated and away from your game's Data folder.
  2. KresoX
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    This mod is simply AMAZING The amount of details, the stories/quests, the NPCs, exteriors (especially Arefu), interiors (especially the large underground Sunken overpass)... it's been a fascinating experience playing the mod, and the new Arefu is so cool that I'm keeping this mod installed for good simply because I can't go back to looking at the original almost-empty Arefu.

    Note: unlike some of the comments below, personally I had basically NO ISSUES. No CTDs, no raiders going friendly, no nothing. The only thing is that one book type texture was slightly flickering - but it's barely noticeable and it's probably due to me refusing to overwrite a texture during the mod's installation process.
    Note2: yep, the mod is not completely finished, but there's SO MUCH that it's totally worth playing. I thoroughly enjoyed the quests. Yep - ignore the message board quests, those are not done.

    Some details about the mod's stories, a bit unclear to me (yet) - so maybe there's somebody who could provide an advice?
    - I'm supposed to tell Ramsey where Armitage disappeared to, but I don't seem to have any leads...
    - Herston residence: can't find the 3rd torn note...
    - Manny Herston: I didn't find his special toys, but I haven't been to that factory yet since I started the mod so I guess that's where they are

    Oh yes, here's how I installed it, maybe it helps someone: use NMM, and install in this order - ESM, Data, Sound, Fixes. With this one, I have exactly 165 active mods according to NMM, and as I stated - other than that little flickering book issue, this mod works perfectly for me.

    Absolutely endorsed.
  3. FoolsRequiem
    • premium
    • 110 posts
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    I'd like to hope that maybe one day that actual voice lines will be added and something will be done to improve the frames, but I feel it's save to assume that this mod is dead. :( So disappointing.
  4. mastemine
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    Did part 3 ever get added in or did this mod get left behind like all the others?
    1. AIMED55
      • member
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      it got abandoned like all the others
  5. AIMED55
    • member
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    Is Ian West suppose to attack me? i completed his quest long ago!
  6. AIMED55
    • member
    • 17 posts
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    i noticed arefu expanded is included with this and was wondering if we need to have arefu expanded enabled or not after installing this..?!
  7. DarkDragen
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    So do we need Arefu anymore?
  8. Soulbringer1
    • member
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    Is this one at least made compatible with RTS and Robco?
  9. Splattt808
    • member
    • 52 posts
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    so do i disable arefu expanded when installing this or not, i'm a little confused
  10. maxumw2000
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    has anyone noticed the caravan never appears at afefu ramp i saw it one time i slept in the armigage house came out next day found a crimson caravan npc dead at the bottom of ramp in the undercroft .
    Sorry didnt know there was 2 undercrofts wouldnt have noticed it if i hadnt saw locals walking down stairs.