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The Crimson Caravan is a sequel to Arefu Expanded. A new caravan has moved into the town of Arefu, and they need your help. Prepare to embark on an adventure that will test your skills to the limit.

Permissions and credits
The Crimson Caravan v1.3 Beta
A sequel to Arefu Expanded
By Azar

* This mod includes Arefu Expanded v1.7d.
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1. Description
2. Install
3. Release History
4. Issues
5. Credits

1. Description

The Crimson Caravan is a sequel to Arefu Expanded. It adds a new caravan to the town of Arefu, along with new characters, locations, and quests.

- A new Caravan has moved into the town of Arefu, and they need your help.
- Embark on new quests that will test your combat, exploration, and puzzle-solving skills to the very limits.
- Explore 5 brand new Wasteland locations.
- 15 new characters, each with their own backstories and dialogue.
- Your own caravan, with 5 fully customizable followers.

All the features of the original Arefu Expanded mod are included. Arefu Expanded by itself can be found here. This mod does not change anything in the "Blood Ties" quest.

This mod is a WIP. The 3rd act not done, and certain parts of Act 2 are missing. However this mod is playable. Please report any issues in the comments section. Enjoy!

2. Install

IMPORTANT: If you have ArefuExpandedByAzar.esm and ArefuExpandedByAzar-Radio.esp from Arefu Expanded installed already, this mod will overwrite those files. Your game progress in that mod will not be affected.

1) Download the 3 required zip files from this mod's page at Fallout3Nexus.
2) Unzip all 3 zip files into your "Fallout3/Data" folder.
3) Open the latest version of FOMM (Fallout Mod Manager) and load the ESM file below Fallout3.esm. Load the ESP below the ESM. Load order of the ESM and ESP files will vary depending on what other mods you have installed.
4) Load a savegame where you are friendly with Arefu's inhabitants, and head to Arefu. OPTIONAL: Wait a day or so in an interior location (i.e. Megaton House) to get the game to refresh it's locations.

Recommended Step:
- Use FO3edit's MasterUpdate function after installing this mod. This will update your game with your new mod load order and prevent potential crashes.
- Follow this 2 GB memory tutorial. It enables the game to use more than 2 gigs of ram, which will help immensely with this mod and with the game in general. You can also try Large Address Aware Enabler, which does the same thing.

Recommended Mods:
- For increased difficulty: Mart's Mutant Mods. Use "Increased Spawns" with caution.
- For nicer looking environments: Fellout Weather Overhaul.
- A few fixes and optimizations by Hikky71: Fies for Crimson Caravan v1_3.

Mod Conflicts:
- If you are getting crashes, try out different load orders in your Mod Manager. If you are using FOOK or MMM, keep ArefuExpandedByAzar.esm above those ESMs.
- Anything that modifies Arefu may cause crashes (Arefu_Expanded_Beta, My Arefu House, etc.).
- Older versions of Trynfkwtme's Exotic Dancers mod will cause the dialogue to break. Use with caution.
- Possible conflicts with the pipboy light in the Jesse Companion mod, Megaton Outskirts, Old Olney is Alive, Mart's Mutant Mod, FOOK, and the Unofficial Fallout 3 patch.
- "Mart's Mutant Mods: Increased Spawns" should be used carefully. It may slow your CPU down, especially in this expanded Arefu (which already has lots of new NPC actors), and cause a crash.
- Wasteland Travelers, especially the "Crowded Cities" esp, may cause conflicts. It is highly recommended that you turn this off.

- Unload the ESM and ESP files from FOMM, and delete the ESM, ESP, BSA and sound files from your "Fallout3/Data" directory.

3. Release History

* ArefuExpandedByAzar-FixMisc.esp (Fixes to v1.3) update - Jan 13, 2011
- Fixed a problem in which the player would spawn under the Crimson Caravan undersection when fast traveling there.

* Fixes to v1.3 - Jan 9, 2011
- Added a set of esps created by Hikky71 to fix some issues in v1_3. Read the txt file in the update for more details.
- Performance and stability tweaks (removed RoomMarkers and PortalMarkers from Arefu Exterior, added Multibounds and Occlusion Planes).
- Quest related fixes.
- Removed useless (and conflicting) world records.
- Fixed purple eyes on various NPCs.

* 1.3 - July 4, 2010
- Deleted some of Arefu's fire barrels and miscellaneous clutter.
- Deleted the "kill all raiders" requirement for Victoria's quest.

* 1.2a - May 14, 2010
- Fixed bug in the Junction's "attack" option, in which initial dialogue is triggered with Wallace.

* 1.2 - May 7, 2010
- Fixed elevator bug.
- Added an extra key to Larry's safe
- Added another brahmin bottle for Jesse's quest.

* 1.1 - May 7, 2010
- Moved the Persaud hatch to a new location in Springvale.
- Moved the wood planks closer to the unfinished bridge.
- Disabled the Yao Guai outside Bunker Gamma.

* 1.0 - May 2, 2010
- Initial Beta release.

4. Issues

- This mod can be draining on your computer's system resources. Make sure to defragment your hard drive, and close all Windows programs before running Fallout 3.
- I recommend you enter this new Arefu with a character that is in good standing with the old Arefu. If not, characters like Evan King may start attacking you, which may mess up the disposition new characters have towards you.
- The 3rd act is unfinished. You can hire followers and accept caravan jobs, but the actual jobs are unfinished.
- Victoria Persaud's side quest is unfinished. The sidequest currently in the mod is a placeholder.
- If an NPC or follower ever gets frozen (i.e. not following you anymore, stuck in combat, not carrying out their AI routines), you can 1) wait an hour, 2) talk to them and then exit, or 3) go into the console, click on the NPC, and then enter "moveto player" or "EVP" (no quotes). This will usually unfreeze them.
- The vanilla characters have been tweaked slightly. Evan King, the Ewers, and Karen Schenzy have been modified so that they are less aggressive. Their post-Blood Ties hourly schedules have also been tweaked to match those of the new Arefu citizens.
- This mod does not conflict with the "Blood Ties" quest.

5. Credits

AK-102, PKM, Gauss Rifle, Vintorez Rifle, Bull Pistol, Minigun, and RG6 Grenade Laucher are from the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. weapons mod by TOXA.

SVD Dragnov by Zealotlee.

Wattz Laser Rifle by Joefoxx.

Achilles Rifle by Jester_v01.

Deathclaw Gauntlet retexture by Idealmilk.

Advanced Combat Armor by PROMETHEUS_ts.

Colossus Heavy Armor by Dae.

Blackwolf Backpacks by Bunsaki.

The music in Calavera Cafe is "Brimstone Beach Club" from the game "The Curse of Monkey Island".

All other meshes and textures are by me.

Further credits can be found in the mod description for Arefu Expanded.