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Adds a retextured, whitish armor. 2 versions, #1 is just a suit that can be bought at RC. #2 adds stimpaks and Radaways automtically, can be found at our the hospital.

Permissions and credits
The request was, a retexture of the power armor to add some
medic decals.

This mod is a request, if you don't like it...move on to another file. Don't waste time on that you could miss out on playing another mod.
If you want the default medic armor to use this re-texture check out Jckspacy's mod right here.

Field Medic Power Armor
Original Topic


Adds a (new) medic version of the power armor to the game. One simple and one extended that applies Stimpacks and Radaways automatically.


There are 2 versions.

The first, basic version adds just a suit with the same stats to the rivet city (Bannon). If you managed to kill him, just look for his chest at the market.

The second, extended version adds the suit to a safe at Our Ladies Hope Hospital, (First floor, first safe.)

Both version can be run at the same time and if you know how to, you can merge them for your personal clean-up.

The second version will:
-Apply a stimpak (If you have any.) when your health goes below 20%.
-Apply a Radaway (If you have any.) when your radiation level goes above 200.

I've added the voice that's used for the prototype medic armor, so yes...when you find that one it'll not say his first 'Only once said' line again.


Extract the archive to Fallout3\Data\
Activate the .esp at 'Data Files' at the Fallout3 Launcher

Archive Invalidation must be activated. (at your .ini at (My)Documents\My Games\Fallout3\Fallout.ini -> bInvalidateOlderFiles=1)

Or use the FOMM.


Initial Release. Report any problems if found.


Unknown, but any mods that alter the Rivet City market/Bannons chest, or the safe at Our ladies Hope might prevent this mod from working properly.


MizunoTakarai - for the request
bfg10k17 - Suggestions

Check my other mods here.


You are free to use any part of this mod in your own, but don't reupload it (with a minor change) w/o permission and claim it as your own.