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A fresh new texture for the Prototype Medic Power Armor found in Fallout 3. Set yourself apart from the other PA users with this sleek new look!

Permissions and credits
First off. A huge thanks to Pronam for giving me permission to use his textures in this mod. If you haven't already. Please go check out his "Field Medic Power Armor" mod. It's where the textures originally came from and it adds a separate armor that can be found without all the Deathclaws!

Basic Information:
So, if you didn't know. There is actually a somewhat hidden Power Armor in FO3. Known as the "Prototype Medic Power Armor". It has the ability to apply stimpacks to your body should you get injured and is all around a unique and helpful piece of armor. However aside from the small decal on the chest. It looks like the standard boring T-45 power armor. That's where this mod comes in! While browsing the Nexus I found a wonderful mod that added a more medical texture looking power armor to the game. I thought to myself...why not add it to the Medic Power Armor in the game? And thus. This mod was born!

What This Mod Does:
So, it's pretty self explanatory given the basic information. But basically this mod does two things. It gives you a fresh new retexture of the medic power armor, and it also adds a matching helmet. The original armor was helmet less which felt a bit incomplete to me. That's pretty much the gist of it. No changes to stats, no extra weapons, just a good 'ol fashion retexture/helmet addon.

Bugs or Glitches:
So far there are two bugs I can think of. Sort of. The first may not be a bug, but I'm not sure if this mod is compatible with any mod that alters the Prototype Medic armor. Given how I had to add an esp in order to apply the unique textures to the armor itself. The second very minor glitch. I added the medical decal normally used for the shoulder onto the chest piece for the world model. If I didn't there would have been a little mess up with the textures. It's a very minor glitch and not part of the armor when you actually put it on.

If you want to use the textures from this mod. Please go see Pronam. He created the mod. I simply applied it to the in-game armor.

Final Words:
Once again I want to thank Pronam one more time for allowing me to use his textures. Please do check out all of his mods. They are serious quality. I do hope everyone enjoys this little mod and it adds just a bit more to your game! :)