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This mod changes some parts of the \"Power of the Atom\" Quest. You need a higher explosives skill to rig or disarm the bomb, and you may also fail. Also, the Megaton residents won\'t like it when you rig the bomb...

Permissions and credits
Power of the Atom reworked v0.3
a Fallout 3 modification by Volek

Improved FOOK2 and FWE compatible version by Leviathan1753 available here:

This mod changes some parts of the "Power of the Atom" Quest. You need a higher explosives skill to rig or disarm the bomb, and you may also fail. Also, the Megaton residents won't like it when you rig the bomb... It's obvious that Bethesda had planned more with this quest, but they decided to keep it as simple as possible, which really is a shame. This is my attempt to make the quest more immersive and challenging. It's pretty much beta so far.

-explosive or science skill of 50 needed to interact with the bomb (was explosives 25 before)
-any explosive/science skill below 75 may result in failure. This means the bomb explodes ;)
-higher luck = higher chance that you dont set off the bomb
-It's a little bit easier to rig the bomb than to disarm it
-the bomb itself is a bit smaller than vanilla.
-You can only interact with the little side-panel, not with the whole bomb anymore.
-when Confessor Cromwell sees you disarming the bomb, he will alert the Children of Atom, and they will try to kill you. Certain Megaton residents will help you.
-when you are caught rigging the bomb, all Megaton residents will fight you, but the Children of Atom will help you
-You'll get a reward for killing Cromwell, search his corpse.

extract PowerOfTheAtom.esp into your Data folder, and activate it with FOMM or FO3 launcher.

delete PowerOfTheAtom.esp

This mod will conflict with any other mod that changes the quest scripts, the bomb mesh, or Confessor Cromwell. However it is compatible with mods that change other parts of Megaton, for example EMM.

If you can't rig/disarm the bomb and it explodes, re-loading the game wont change the random value that is calculated into the exploding chance. You need to raise your explosives skill.

-make any Megaton resident alert the others, not only Cromwell
-change the visual FX when the bomb explodes, right now its only a white screen effect.
-instead of exploding the bomb immediately after failure, start a countdown so you have still some time to flee the vicinity
-change more parts of the "Power of the Atom" quest. Any ideas are welcome.
-Find out more about what Bethesda really planned to do with the quest. There are many hints in the vanilla scripts and files that they wanted to make a bigger quest out of it, with many more aspects. Instead they watered it down that even a level 1 character can disarm the bomb.

If you change the mod or parts of it, don't forget to give credit! Also a shout would be nice, thanks.

Bethesda: the game and the GECK

Timeslip: Fallout Mod Manager

Thanks to Ez0n3 for help.
Thanks to all who commented on the mod and provided suggestions to improve it!