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Tired of enemies being \"blind\" to their fallen comrades? With this mod, enemies will now react appropriately to their slain fellows.

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Responsive Kill Reactions

Version: Version 1.2
Date:April 15, 2010

Released by: Mezmorki
Scripted by:schlangster


You have snuck up to the edge of the ridge under the cover of darkness and look down over the camp of raiders below, carefully deliberating which target to strike. Choosing one, you sight-in your silenced rifle and bring the scope to bear on the raider's head. You pull the trigger . . . and he drops the ground, dead instantaneously. The rest of the raiders nearby . . . do nothing.

How's that for immersive? In the vanilla game, NPC's that are one-shot killed silently don't generate a detection event, meaning nearby allies won't shift into "alert" state and start searching for the thing that killed them. This isn't terribly realistic. If the head of the guy next to me explodes, I'm going to react with 'something' more than total obliviousness.

Responsive Kill Reactions (RKR) changes this situation by creating a detection event whenever an NPC or creature is killed by the player.Other NPC's that detect the detection event (i.e. are in-range) will be alerted and react accordingly, drawing their weapons and beginning to search around.


Version 1.2

- Incorporated a "detection" event check into the scripts. Now, NPC's actually have to "detect" the dead actors body per normal detection rules in order for the detection token to create a detection event. By default, this check runs every 2 seconds for 30 seconds.

- Detection events are no longer created on the dead body. Instead, they are created at the actor detecting the dead body. This results in better alert behavior, and prevents NPC's from collecting around the dead body (which is a pretty stupid thing to do!).

- Added a check to limit the number of active tokens (default to 5). You can change this by adjusting the global RKRMaxTokenCount through the console.

- Added a number of configuration settings (see below) that make use of various globals.

Version 1.1
- Reworked the scripts to correct a issue where NPC's would not correctly equip wither weapons and attack once alerted.

Version 1.0
- Initial Release

Functionality + Compatiblity

The mod works by cyclically checking the current cell for NPCs and creatures (actors) and adding a "detection token" to any actors that have been killed by the player. The detection token likewise scans through the cell and checks for any alive actors that can detect the corpse. This detection uses the same detection functions used in stealth, so mods that change stealth settings will affect RKR's detection results. If an actor detects the dead body, they will switch into alert mode and create a "detection event" alerting other nearby actors.

This mod does not modify any original fallout3 records, and should be completely compatible with most other mods. The one exception would be MMM's test setting for raider's kill reactions, which should be turned OFF if you had it enabled (it is off by default in MMM).

This mod has had moderate testing, but not across a wide variety of situations or context's.Please share any problems, experience, ideas, or other feedback.

Installation / Uninstallation


When upgrading, is recommended that you:
1) deactivate the old version of RKR
2) load your save game, re-save, exit
3) not install + activate the new version
4) reload your save game

Basic Install / Uninstall

To install this mod, simply extract the "Responsive Kill Reactions.esp" to your \Fallout3\Data folder and activate it the Fallout Mod Manager (FOMM) or other mod managing tool.

To uninstall the mod, simply deactivate or delete the plugin file from your Fallout3\Data folder.


You can edit a number of RKR's parameters using the console. To do so, open the console and type: set YYYYYYY to X
YYYYY is the name of one of the globals below.

RKRDebug (default 0; off)
Setting this to 1 turns on the debug messages, printed to the console.

RKRDetectDist (default 1500)
Contols the max distance for which an actor can detect a dead body.

RKRDetectLevel(default -15)
Controls the detection level needed for an actor to detect a dead body. Higher values mean it's harder to detect a body.

RKRDetectInterval(default 2)
Frequency (in seconds) of scan cycles the detection token makes for finding actors that can detect the corpse.

RKRDetectTime(default 15)
How many "cycles" of scan's a detection token will make. The time between each cycle is controlled by the RKRDetectInterval (above)

RKRMaxTokenCount(default 5)
Max number of detection tokens that can be created at one time.

Legal + Contact

You are free to modify this mod or incorporate into another mod, provided that you give credit to both schlangster + Mezmorki. You may NOT, however, re-host or mirror an original copy of this mod (unaltered) anywhere for any reason.

Visit the Fallout Nexus or the Official beth forums for discussion.