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Replaces the textures of the City of Megaton while attempting to preserve the style of the original work. Higher Detail and doubled resolution.

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This mod replaces most Megaton architecture textures with more detailed, higher resolution versions.

I really like the style and look of the game as a whole, but find many of the games textures quite blurry. My goal was not to completely change the artwork and appearance of the game, but to subtly enhance the detail and clarity of the original textures.

Note that many textures and their corresponding normal maps have been doubled in resolution. This may have an impact on your performance, so a graphics adapter with at least 512MB on-board memory is recommended.

If you have any suggestions on the appearance of these textures, again, please let me know. Feedback is welcome. Thanks.

-29 December, 2008-

Cleaned up many more textures. Main tread plate floor texture looks considerably better. I've added some new screens of this to the gallery.

I'm going to work on something else, as I'm pretty satisfied with this Megaton texture pack now.

If you have downloaded a version of this texture pack in the past, I recommend downloading this newest version as it is much, much better.

Thanks for the interest.

-23 December, 2008-

Most all textures have been updated/re-done again.

I wasn't satisfied with many of my textures, so I put some more work into it. I feel these new textures are much more polished than my old ones. Please try them out and let me know what you think.

New screen shots added to the gallery. Will add more later.

-13 December, 2008-

Changes: Normal maps re-done for many textures, a few textures added/changed, atom bomb/thread plated fix incorporated.

A few high resolution normal maps have been replaced with half-size versions for performance considerations. You
may very well notice a loss in detail.

However, a separate download containing those higher resolution normal maps, along with several others, has been made available. These higher resolution normal maps are 2048x2048 pixels, and consume a total of ~56MB more video memory than those included in the base Megaton Re-done download. Install these on top of the base pack. If you have the performance to spare, use these.

P.S. - I also have a previously released landscape texture pack available for download. You can find it here.