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This mod is based on the mod \"Crowded Cities\" by Spiderpig. It populates the major settlements with random NPCs, including Scavengers, Mercenaries, Punks, Children, Dogs and Robots. It brings a little more atmosphere to the cities, and you may have the opportunity to get your stuff repaired by a Scavenger.

Permissions and credits
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Crowded Cities v2.2
a Fallout 3 modification by Volek, original mod by Spiderpig

-Over 70 different Wastelander NPCs who spawn all over the settlements
-Spawn points are in Megaton, Rivet City, Bigtown, Canterbury Commons, and Museum of History
-Alternative version included: lesser spawns, spawn points only in Megaton, Rivet City, and Canterbury Commons
-Some spawn points are also outside Megaton and RC
-There are extra spawn points for dogs & robots
-Small spawn chance for Scavengers, Mercenaries, Punks & Children
-Scavengers can repair to 90%
-Mercs have better equipment at higher levels
-Dead NPCs respawn after 3 days, with different class, face and gear

Unpack the Data folder into your game folder.
Start FOMM or FO3 launcher and check CrowdedCities_v2.esp
OR, if you want less NPCs, check CrowdedCities_v2_lessNPCs.esp

Uncheck & delete CrowdedCities_v2.esp and CrowdedCities_v2_lessNPCs.esp

Sometimes it may lag a little bit, especially in RC marketplace. Using other version to reduce spawns might help. Scavengers share vendor lists, so two different Scavengers might have the same stuff. And a lot of voice dialog is missing, but the NPCs don't have anything to tell anyway.

A note on compatibility: the mod may conflict with any mod that changes settlement layout, but that will most likely only result in awkward spawnpoints or no spawnpoints at all, depending on your load order. I tested it with mods that excessivly altered Bigtown and Canterbury Commons, and had no problems but a little lag.
It once happened that some of my NPCs have been killed by NPCs of another mod, outside of RC. Let's just assume they had 'personal issues'. The Wasteland is not a kindergarten after all :)

I have stopped working on FO3 mods.

You may consider this file a modders resource. Please give credit where its due, thanks.

-Initial release

-Redone NPC factions, now they automatically join the faction of the city where they spawn
-Corrected some minor balancing issues
-Added a few NPC faces
-Included version with less NPC spawns and no spawns in Bigtown and Museum of History

-Added Children
-Reduced Dog/Robot spawns
-Bryan Wilks will not get shot in Megaton (at least i hope so)

If you make any changes to my mod and want to release them, please give credit to the original author and me.
Also a shout would be nice, thanks.

Bethesda: the game and the GECK

Bobers / Spiderpig: Crowded Cities

Timeslip: Fallout Mod Manager

Thanks to all the people on the Nexus who submitted bug reports & suggestions!