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This script looks at your skills in small guns, unarmed, melee and throwing to determine what items you should get in your starting inventory.

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This is yet another simple mod but more appropriate for those folks that just want to tweak their starting inventory.  The included script looks over the skills for the player and where ever it is over 40 skill points, provides a starting noob weapon (and ammo if appropriate).  Notice, I did say "noob weapon", no miniguns or energy weapons with this mod.  Those are targeted at player use later in the game.

I created this mod because I've always felt that you should start out with the weapons you are specializing in.  It didn't make sense that I had to drop skillpoints into Melee or Unarmed just to survive the first few days of Fallout 2.  Soooo...  Here it is and thank you for your support!

There's no fancy mod installer, etc. for this mod.  It's a simple script that just needs to be dropped in the right folder.

Step 1) Download FO2 Initial Inventory Script-16-1-0.zip
Step 2) Unzip the file so you can get to ARTemple.int
Step 3) Put ARTemple.int in your Fallout 2/Data/Scripts folder [NOTE: If you don't know how to find that file location, don't download this mod.]
Step 4) Rename the > patch000.dat < file from the main > \Fallout 2 < directory to something like patch000.bak
Step 5) Start a new game

IMPORTANT LIMITATION: Just like my mod the FO2 Cheat Chest, you must wear the given armor if you will be wielding any of the provided weapons.  This is just a quick 'n dirty mod, so I didn't create new models for a tribal toon to wield a rifle, etc.  If you don't wear the leather armor (at least until you pick up the vault 13 suit), you'll crash to desktop.

WARNING: I've received one report of a person having a problem using this mod with the Restoration patch.  As I don't use that patch, I don't know if that's generally true or it is an isolated incident.  If you do use that patch and also see there is a problem, please let me know in the chat thread.  Thank you!