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Version .9 7-23-2015

by D. Elliot Lamb (davrovana on the Elemental forums, forums.elementalgame.com)
Amazon author page: http://www.amazon.com/D.-Elliot-Lamb/e/B010YMF3X2/ref=sr_tc_2_0?qid=1437673439&sr=1-2-ent

See CREDITS for the help I got in building this mod pack.


Thanks for downloading BETWEEN LIFE AND DEATH.

Feedback and bug reports are always welcome! See the Legendary Heroes forum thread here:










Step 0: Delete the old version, if any!

Step 1: Unpack the .rar file into your Legendary Heroes Mods folder.

"Documents > MyGames > LegendaryHeroes > Mods"

Step 2: Move the 'Life_Death_Gfx' folder to "Documents > MyGames > LegendaryHeroes > Mods > Gfx"

Step 3: Move the 'Life_Death_Data' folder to "Documents > MyGames > LegendaryHeroes > Mods > Data"

Step 4: Make sure "use mods" is selected in the games preference file. If not, toggle this setting and re-start the game.

Step 5: Delete "A_LHLIB_UnitStat_BG_vL" if you already have it installed elsewhere (comes with Children Of Storm, Demons & Wizards, etc.). Delete any previous versions if you have them.

Step 6: IF YOU DO NOT HAVE UNDEAD DLC: Delete the folder "z_Undead_2_point_0" if you do not have the Undead DLC installed. ERRORS ARE LIKELY if this is present without Undead DLC.

step 7: If you DO NOT have Parrotmath's River Bridge mod, I highly highly recommend it: http://forums.elementalgame.com/437206/page/1/

This mod expects the River Bridge mod to be installed. There will be bugs without it.

If you DO NOT WANT TO USE the River Bridge mod, then delete "Undead_2_Improvements.xml" and open up "Undead_2_Improvements_NO_RB.xml". Delete the "" at the bottom. Save.

This will prevent bugs.



This mod is compatible with Children Of Storm, Black Market Bazaar, Champion Bonanza, any of Parrotmath's mods.

It is NOT tested for compatibility with Demons and Wizards. Much of it should work, but since I have not tested this, expect significant bugs if you run both.

This mod is NOT compatible with XtraDecontrust. THEY WILL NOT play well together. HOWEVER XtraDeconstruct contains major parts of this mod as plug-ins. So if you want XtraDecontrust, you can get a lot of this mod inside of that one.

This mod is NOT compatible with Patchwork mod. Any other mod not listed is likely not compatible. But feel free to ask me questions about any issues here:
[email protected]



Thanks to Brad and Derek and everyone at Stardock for making a great game. And Heavenfall, parrotmath, Primal_Savage, abob101, and all the modders that have helped me out.

Graphics are by Fsemprini. Additional graphics by Soronarr and Primal_Savage.

Thanks to hellions for adding paladin unitstat support to his Black Market Bazaar items. (download this mod! Also, Champions Bonanaza is great!)



This mod contains many major additions to the game content, most of which should not require explanation. Below are some of the changes from the base game.

-Spell Scaling rebalance: spells like Slow, Wither, Haste, and Flame Dart scale less effectively with shards and levels. Flame Dart does more base damage now, however, meaning it is useful right from the start.
-Spell Boosts: Shockwave is now way better. Chaos and pandemonium are now more effective, doing greater damage when possible.
-Maul and Greataxe damage reduction: The top tier of blunts and axes now do less damage (trained troop weapons only). While still more powerful than swords and pikes, they are less likely to one-shot heroes. Heroes are still very, very vulnerable to a company of soldiers wielding these weapons.
-Elemental Lords: They are now MUCH harder to defeat. If you attack without resistance to their primary element, expect heavy losses even if you win. Try to soften up elemental lord and their armies first, or you stand little chance.
-Terraforming: As a champion progresses up the elemental trait tree, they gain the ability to chance the landscape. Making more hill and mountain will gain the favor of earth, unlocking more spell options. But Air won't like this, and those options will be blocked for air spells. Likewise Fire and Life can be in opposition, Water and Earth. Pay attention to spells descriptions.
-When your sovereign reaches level 15, a new spell unlocks that allows them to search for the old Forge of the Overlord. This is a second master quest and VERY VERY HARD, you've been warned!
-The Undead are much, much better now. They might be TOO GOOD as a playable faction, but I took this risk to make them a competitive AI player.
-Scenario coming soon!

If you have any question, feel free to ask me on the Elemental forums page or on the Nexus site.

If that fails, my email is [email protected]