Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes

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About this mod

Adds a new kingdom and race with new special talents, items, champions and a new resource.
For FE: LH 1.6

Permissions and credits
Latest version update (v.1.2)

- tweaks to some weapons
- tweaks to units
- Grand Cathedral got a brand new look. It's a BIG building now and it's not an upgrade of the Church, but a unique building
- some unique units now require a minimal amount of Faith to train
- Paladins tweaked
- Greater Quest For Justice spell now has a 50% chance of spawning a quest with a epic item as a reward
- Church and Grand Cathedral got their own icons.

- greatsword icon added
- some balance tweaks
- fix for missing church icon
- new quest (reward is a powerfull sword)
- changes to the paladins abillity tree
- small tweak to bonded mount quest

- fixed the church and cathedral art defs
- removed test item left
- a few minor balance tweaks to items

- re-balanced heroes, units and items
- added new units to use. Ai should play better now.
- Paladins made into a unique, 3-man squad.
- still no luck at getting the custom music to actually play :(
- added an OPTIONAL file with experimental music. Have trouble getting it to work for some reason. Replace the Music.xml with the LayeredMusic in the file, and plop the LayeredMusic folder into MyDocuments/MyGames/LegendaryHeroes

- fixed apperance of Circlet of Celrity
- Fixed quest Thalia and Lydia not spawning (was a single letter typo)
- Light Padded Underarmor now visible and usable by units

- The companion quest re-vamped. It should no longer appear by itself, but rather it can be triggered by a special spell recived automaticly. The spell

will cost you 50 mana, 10 Fame and 5 Faith and has a 50 turn cooldown
- finally fixed (I hope) all the problems with units showing up, being tranalbe and upgradable
- balancing done for champions, items, units and so forth
- customized music track
- greatswords not available or sovereign customization (except the claymore)
- new units added
- new champion added

- Vaynar unique units should now show up and be trainable.
- new traits (Harasser, Skirmisher) and items
- minor fixes to the text and descriptions
- new icons
- minor fixes here and there

- fixed icon issues
- added a new sword
- added a new hero item that aids in exploration
- tweaked the recruitment quest (but it's still very much WIP)
- struggling with getting all units to show up in the tech tree, but getting there
- more stuff I'm probably forgetting.

What does this mod add?

- One new kingdom and race (with 4 champions).
- New abilities
- New items ( 2 new mid-range staves for mages, 6 greatswords for units + 1 champion relic, 2 armors, triknets)
- New resource (Faith) - gained by building a Church and Cathedral. Necessary to train Paladins.
- New extra flags for your custom empire (and some extra icons that are in the Gfx folder)

Highly recommended to use with the Path of the Paladin mod:

The file contains an extra that includes modification I made to that mod (new icons, changes in abilities and skill tree). It *SHOULD* work without it, as only one champion has a reference to the PathOfThePaladin, but I haven't tested it.


-STEP ONE: Download the file, unpack, place the "Vaynar" folder from the main_mod_files (and paladin_mod folder.. be sure to overwrite the original if asked) in your "Documents/My Games/LegendaryHeroes/mods" folder and make sure "Use Mods" is on in your preferences screen.

-STEP TWO: Make sure to move the folders from "Gfx files" to "Documents/My Games/LegendaryHeroes/mods/Gfx"

********** OPTIONAL ****************
Also, in elemental.str (this is a core file) you can add:

[Faith_Description] The amount of faith your faction has accumulated, representing how pious your faction is.
[WeaponUpgradeType_Greatsword] Greatsword

Those two lines should get rid of "String Not Found" message

Delete all files.

Should be compatible with everything.